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Is It A Waste Sending A Virtual Stranger A Valentine’s Card?

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I’ve had my eye on a handsome-looking middle-aged man who I keep bumping into, not literally. We started to smile at each other just into the new year, but that’s since turned into a nod and occasional wave.

I’ve managed to find out his name and where he works from social media platforms.

As I’ve been single for over two years and in my early 50s, I’ve got the urge to send him a Valentine’s card. I’m torn about this as I’m thinking that he won’t know it’s from me.


What should I do so that he knows I’m romantically interested in him?

Rose, Westmoreland


Love Doctor MontiLove Doctor’s Answer:

You have the perfect name to make an impact with this mystery man on the world’s most romantic day.

Before you get carried away with cranking up what could turn out to be your favourite ever love story, I suggest that you undertake some more detective work.

You’ve already proved that you find relevant information about this fella. Have you checked his social media channels to see if he has a significant other?

It’s just you don’t want to have your hopes crushed should you find out that he is already romantically involved. Or even worse, that he is taken but would consider being unfaithful because then there’s no future with a love rat.

Don’t jump the gun until you have found out more. If you are given the green light then your best option is to ensure that you physically give your love interest a red rose on the morning of Valentine’s Day at his workplace.


That way he will know it’s definitely from you, and his work colleagues are more than likely to encourage him to make contact with you.

It’s fantastic news that you’ve both upgraded from a frequent smile to more, and 14 February offers you the perfect opportunity to make a statement and show that you would like to date this gentleman.

Here’s some Valentine’s Day tips to check out to come up with a plan if you don’t fancy handing him a rose and card.

Ensure that it’s a red rose, and just a single one, as the colour of these flowers – which are mentioned in the Bible – signify different meanings. For example, a yellow rose represents friendship, a white rose is associated with marriage while a red rose is identified with love, passion and romance.

The ancient Greeks and Romans thought highly of red roses. These flowers were a symbol with their respective goddesses of love, Aphrodite and Venus. The British-based Love Doctor has suggestions for finding love and romance this Valentine’s Day.

I suggest that rather than throw yourself at this man with a single red rose and a sweet smile, also hand him an envelope that contains a Valentine’s Day card. Don’t forget to spray some of your favourite scent on the envelope. On the back of the card include a phone number or WhatsApp details so he can get in touch.

You really don’t wish to waste this golden opportunity, so be courageous enough to include a poem with your name – but only sign it with a single kiss as it’s considered to be unlucky to sign a Valentine’s Day card.

Here’s a suggestion of what to write: Just like a Rose is a symbol of pure love, let this Valentine’s Day message be a symbol of my potential love and affection for you x

To receive a rose as well as a short poem in a Valentine’s Day card from someone he has yet to date offers the potential to make this 14 February a beautiful one for this fortunate fella.


You could send more cryptic words once he messages you to express his appreciation for your thoughtful card and flower.

Ideally, if his message sounds promising, shoot off a message that states: A Rose may forever remain in your heart. It can grow with you, and love you in return x

Alternatively, you could send a playful message and quote either:
English playwright William Shakespeare
Of all the flowers, methinks a Rose is best. R x, or:

Legendary English popstar John Lennon
Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow. R x

If all goes smoothly, then hopefully you’ll have landed yourself a Valentine’s Day date and your endeavours will have paid dividends.

Personally, my message for my significant lady on her card this 14 February is simple as I shall write: I love you with all my heart. Other men only have Valentine’s Day once a year. I consider myself to be the luckiest man alive, because each and every day with you is Valentine’s Day with you. Our true love is like scented flowers, highly fragrant in doses.

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