What Are Bingo Networks?

With so many different ways to play bingo today, some of the jargon and terminology can get a bit confusing to say the least.

Today, we’re going to compile everything you need to know about bingo networks, and how to get started using them. So, first of all, what are bingo networks?

Essentially, a bingo network is a means by which multiple bingo sites are linked together by third-parties to link their games with other platforms. Bingo networks bring more traffic together in one place, making a huge, interconnected bingo community while also significantly increasing the jackpot prize pools. There are so many different bingo sites and platforms that linking them together just makes perfect sense. 

There are a couple of fundamental reasons bingo sites create these networks. For one thing, having these interlinked networks ensures that each site always has traffic. Many new bingo games and sites are always attempting to get off the ground, so for new operators, these networks make it much easier and simpler to ensure a steady stream of traffic to their site. From the players point of view, it means there are always plenty of games happening. 

Secondly, another reason bingo sites like to create these networks is to increase the prize pools. For a standalone game, the size of the prize pool will reflect how many people are playing that particular game. Obviously, for a network of many sites linked together, there will be a lot more players and thus a lot more money involved. Often, players will not even realise they are playing against players from other sites. 

So, how does it work? It’s really pretty simple. If you imagine that a network is selling tickets to a bingo game for £1. If one site sells 100 tickets, and another site sells 300 tickets, you have a £400 jackpot prize pool. For a line win, the player would receive 20% of the pot. A house win would pay the remaining 80% of the pot. This helps to understand why these networks are so important for new sites—without these networks, their prize pools would be too small, and very few would be incentivised to play. 

 It’s as simple as that. The network links together one game on multiple sites, pooling all the prize money and paying out the full amount to whomever wins, whichever platform they were playing through. 

There are plenty of pros and cons to these bingo networks so let’s look at a few. The most obvious advantages are the bigger player pool and prizes. More players mean more money to be won, and indeed a more tense game, with so many potential winners. It’s also a lot more social, since with features like in-game chat, those other players aren’t just silent, faceless adversaries—everyone is having fun together! In smaller games, you may not be able to find anyone interested in chatting. 

Some do cite a few potential drawbacks to the system, though. The fact is that the market is more than saturated with online bingo sites. These bingo networks allow smaller sites to gain instant access to large games, and subsequently become much larger themselves. This can result in a great many bingo sites that look exactly the same, and boast all the same features. This can also hinder innovation, since bingo sites don’t really need to try and attract players through new features. Instead, they simply buy into a bingo network. 

That said, though, there is still plenty of innovation going on in the world of online bingo, and it can be said of most online games that there are more versions of them than anyone could ever play.

The best bingo networks 

So, which of these networks should you play? There are more than a couple out there, so let’s look at some of the best ones. 

  1. Dragonfish bingo network

Dragonfish is certainly the biggest network out there, and considered the industry leader. This network has partnered with over 140 individual sites, guaranteeing constant traffic and large prize pots. 

  1. Gamesys bingo network 

Gamesys is another industry leader, which has been going since 2001. Gamesys is a very popular software company which publishes a wide range of casino games, bingo being just one of them. More than 40 million players have used this network.

  1. Live Bingo Network 

One of the lesser known ones but still a great choice, Live Bingo Network is a subdivision of the much more well known Cozy Games Group. The Live Bingo Network connects more than 75 bingo sites. 

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