When Is the Best Time To Gamble At A Casino?

Casinos can be tons of fun at any time of day. But the best time to enjoy the casino depends on why you’re going.

Do you want to play the slots and don’t care whether you win? You may have different needs than a serious gambler who wants to rake it in at blackjack or craps. And then there are the people who go to watch a game and enjoy the buffet. There is a perfect time for everyone at a casino, but they aren’t the same. Your needs depend on the end result you are seeking.   

What Affects Success at the Casino? 

The two most important factors for casino success are the time of day you’re gambling and what game you’re playing. But other smaller factors come into play, too. Are you going to a large or small casino? Are table games offered round-the-clock, or do they have set hours? Is there a high season for tourists, or does the casino do a steady business year-round? Are you going during a holiday when the casino will be busier than usual? Once these general questions are answered, you can look at the best times to take advantage of the biggest gambling wins.

The Best Times for Slot Machines   

Typically, slots are open 24 hours a day. If your goal is to penny or nickel machines, eat at the buffet, and leave, then your best bet is to gamble during the early evening and dinnertime hours. It is too early for the serious gamblers and drinkers, but you’ve missed the planned group trips. The floor is typically less crowded, so getting a spot at your favourite game or even moving from game to game is fairly easy.  

However, if you’re hoping to hit it big, you need to plan your trip more strategically. Slot machines tend to pay out in cycles. Getting on a machine that is already paying out is hard any time of day, but how about one that is about to pay? That is easier to do when you can move freely on the floor. What time that happens varies by casino. Some avid slots fans report higher winnings between 2-4 AM, but others say they usually have better success in the morning before the casino gets busy again.   

The Best Times for Table Games 

Gambling on table games is an entirely different animal than playing slots. Skilled gamblers very often have superstitions about when, where, and even with whom they will play in order to have success. In actuality, gambling is all about probability, and there is no way to know for sure when a game will pay big. You can, however, increase your odds of winning by trying out a few different theories. 

Heavy gamblers who put big money on games frequently play later at night, between 10 PM and 2 AM. Your odds of winning don’t improve by playing with high rollers, but you stand to take home more money if you do win. Most people believe you stand to be more successful when the casino is busy compared to when it is slow. But all of that is merely supposition.   


Casinos are full of games of chance. There is no way to know for sure when, or even if, you’re going to win. You can improve your odds of winning by knowing when the casino is empty versus when it is busy. You can take into account busy times of the year and what times certain games are available. But nobody can predict the outcome of casino games. If they could, nobody would play them!

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