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How do I Find A Champagne Lady To Add Short-Term Fizz During Lockdown? – Help Me Love Doctor

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Love Doctor MontiQuestion:

 I’m seeking a Champagne woman to add sparkle to my life. I need the beach life and women as company for flirting, but not a relationship.

Being stuck in has really got to me, especially after this third weekend of lockdown. I miss socialising and meeting ladies with my friends.

Connor, Falmouth


Love Doctor’s Answer:

The new restrictions imposed across the island, because of the coronavirus crisis, has suddenly made you appreciate the flirtatious life you had enjoyed.

However, you sound like one of these typical attention seeking men who are unable to commit to a long-term relationship as you just want to have fun.

That is, in some ways, a great attitude towards life as you wish to embrace each week and enjoy the natural beauty of Jamaica such as the beaches.

It is not a problem to tackle life like this, but it means that you are unlikely to be in a relationship for more than five months as you appear to have commitment issues.

Unsure of your age, but if you’re feeling lonely now then imagine how you will feel when you are retired and without a significant other.

I would imagine that you are heavily into your social media platforms for meeting ladies and flirting, but I expect that you are judging these women on their looks alone rather than the whole package – which could account for why you are not after a relationship per se.

As beach life and ladies play such a significant part in your life then it sounds like you have superficial desires, where you like to chat up women and lavish them with compliments.


You are fully aware that a Champagne-style lady is not going to be a cheap option, although as you only desire her on a short-term basis then you can save your bucks between dating.

Unfortunately you are going to have to be patient about lockdown life, it won’t last forever. My advice is to keep in touch with family, friends and work colleagues as much as possible during these turbulent times.

No doubt you will be heavily scouring the social media channels to find ladies that appear attractive to you, so maybe start to be more selective in your process and stop employing a scattergun approach.

I suggest that you look at these ladies as assets rather than merely being desired by you. Spend some time to find out a little more about them and their interests before trying to make contact with them. If you have some common ground then at least you have something to discuss rather than throw the same cheesy compliments at them that they constantly read.

Make yourself original with your words, using persuasive yet inspiring language as long as these reflect your personality and are 100% genuine.

Then start showing some empathy about what these ladies are seeking, so that you cut your cloth accordingly. With the right words (avoid using the word I as that will indicate that you are a narcissist) then you can flirt until your heart is content online, and hopefully can hone these skills to arrange to meet some women on the beach to make some new memories with.

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