Jamaica Ranked Among Top 20 Countries ‘Beating COVID-19’

Jamaica has recorded no new positive COVID-19 cases for the first time in 50 days and so far 118 persons have recovered.

The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Jamaica as at Thursday (May 14) remained at 509 from the previous day.

The island has now been ranked among the top 20 countries globally that are described as ‘Beating COVID-19’ by the website EndCoronavirus.org.


The website lists countries under three broad categories: ‘Winning’, ‘Nearly there’ and countries that ‘Need action’ and showcases ”Recent new/day”graphs that measure new cases per day, averaged over the last week.

‘Winning’ countries are closest to containing and eliminating the virus.

Countries in the ‘Nearly there’ category  are approaching that point within a reasonable time frame by a rapid decrease in new cases per day. 

And countries who ‘Need Action’  are either going the wrong way, staying constant, or going down very slowly.

The US and Canada are listed among countries that ‘Need action’.

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