6 Great Sports To Pursue As An Amateur

Sports can be a great way to get some exercise without actually feeling like you’re working out. They can be a great way to socialise, build bonds, and realise yourself.

There are tons of different sports that you can play, and some might be more suited to you depending on your lifestyle, interests, or preferences. Some people might like intense competitive sports, while others might like something more relaxing. There are also many sports that you can play alone. Let’s take a look at some great sports to pursue as an amateur.


Baseball is, bar none, one of the best social games that you can play. It is one of the only competitive team sports where you can literally get anyone involved. This is also a sport where you can push your limits. If you want to get serious, you could look into something like removable pitching mounds for practice and games. Or invest in a batting cage and pitching machine if you want to fine-tune your swing.


Soccer is another sport where you can get different groups involved, and it’s one of the fastest-growing sports in America. What makes soccer so great is that you only need a ball and a field to play, which is one of the reasons why it’s so popular around the world. This is also a great game if you want to get some cardio in.


Badminton is a great sport if you like going one on one and playing something with moderate intensity. However, badminton can also get very competitive as you go up in skill. You can play one or one or in duos, and it’s a game you can play both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor Hockey

Speaking of indoor games, indoor hockey is another great game for amateurs. While ice hockey needs a lot of equipment and skating skills, pretty much anyone can pick up a hockey stick and ball and start playing. This is a game you can play all year round and is great if you like intense action.


A lot of people see golf as boring, but that’s probably because they’ve never been on the links. The most beautiful part about golf is that it’s about as much about the scenery as it is for the game. There’s also a great social aspect to golfing, and hitting the links with a few of your friends after dark can make for a great evening. After all, there’s a reason why golfing and business goes hand in hand.

You could also decide to hit the driving ranges if you don’t feel like playing a full game. Ranges are not what they used to either, and you can find ranges today with music, nicely lit driveways, and cocktails.


Swimming is one of the best individual sports you can practice and has tons of benefits. For one, by becoming a better swimmer, you’ll be comfortable in any situation in the water, and will feel much more confident. It’s also one of the best, low impact ways to get cardio. It has been shown to improve back health, and 30 minutes of swimming could help you burn as much as 400 calories. It’s also a sport when you can move at your own pace, which makes it great for people of all ages.

These are just some of the sports you can enjoy as an amateur. Most of these are easy to start and can be enjoyed by virtually anyone, so don’t be afraid to give a few of these a try if you want to get your blood pumping in a fun way.

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