Viva Fidel Castro and Michael Manley!

The BIGGEST lie told to Jamaicans was the lie that the Honourable Michael Manley would make Jamaica a communist country.

Suffice to say, many young Jamaicans nowadays have no clue about their past, and instead of EDUCATING themselves would prefer to feed on PROPAGANDA.

I certainly grew up in the seventies, and had Michael Manley been able to fulfill his dream, I GUARANTEE Jamaica would be much better off today.

For Jamaicans who are rejoicing over Fidel Castro’s death, please remember that he was entirely for freedom of black people during the apartheid era in South Africa, while the United States was noticeably SILENT on the ATROCITIES that were being meted out to blacks in South Africa.

I suggest that the ignorant and illiterate among us go and EDUCATE and ENLIGHTEN themselves about the role that Cuba under Fidel Castro played in Africa – from the Congo, to Angola.

Twice in 1976 and again in 1988 the Cubans defeated a US-supported proxy force of the South African Apartheid army and Angolan “rebels;” these instances were the first times South Africa’s army was defeated, a humbling experience that the Apartheid regime’s white generals still have trouble stomaching in retirement”.

People with no concept of history and who lean to propaganda, will forever remain ignorant and will seek to FEED that IGNORANCE to others. BE NOT FOOLED.

The TWO GREATEST REVOLUTIONARIES of my time, MICHAEL MANLEY, and FIDEL CASTRO have been ABSOLVED, not by men who sought to VILIFY them, but by those of us who truly understood the FIGHT FOR FREEDOM and what it means to get there.

No wonder some of these same idiots voted for Donald Trump, THEY HAVE NO DARN CLUE.


You both will be remembered for the VISION, the WORK, and that undying echo of EQUALITY FOR ALL AND NOT JUST FOR SOME.

By Michelle Bradshaw

Michael Manley (Left) and Fidel Castro
Michael Manley (Left) and Fidel Castro

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