Lisa Hanna Impresses In Workout Video

Jamaica’s third Miss World, Lisa Hanna has always managed to maintain a radiant and youthful appearance.

And although she was blessed with incredibly good genes, it is clear she is serious about maintaining her fitness.

Hanna recently shared a training video in which she incorporates a fitness training device known as a BOSU ball during a technically demanding workout session.

She shared a clip of her workout via Instagram with the following caption:

“For 30 years I’ve trained hard focusing on strength and aesthetics with heavy weights. Now at 45 I’ve realized my body is not what it was.

“I’ve experienced intermittent back pain and general joint pains for years, plus recovery after workouts now take longer. So I decided to focus more on rehab training with greater emphasis on my stability.

“I started training on unstable surfaces like this bosu ball. Since then I’ve had greater activation of the deep muscle fibers in my hips and core which has significantly improved my overall strength. I’m more efficient in my movement patterns which has made me stronger, more flexible with better stability.

“My core and ham strings are so much stronger. The control required to remain balanced with the weights works every single muscle in my body.

“My goal is to improve my squatting and stability with weights on the flipped ball. Concentration is key.”

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