Kari Can Do Whatever She Wants – It Is Her Right!

I had to get this off my mind.

I have seen some comments from female supporters and members of the PNP, chastising Councillor for the Trafalgar division in St Andrew, Kari Douglas, because according to them, she had a child for a “Labourite”.

Kari Douglas

When did loving someone ever mean they had to choose between political alliances?

This kind of attitude and thinking, should spark anger in us, especially for the fact that, many people have the audacity to speak about ” Black History Month”.


Those comments, are no better than the hateful remakrs oftentimes directed towards interracial relationships.

The venom coming from some women towards her speaks volumes. Ignorance and illiteracy, sadly is a huge problem in Jamaica, and among Jamaicans.

How do we as a people say we are independent and proud, when the politics is so toxic that even those who we choose to love become fodder for unkind remarks?

Who cares who the father of her child is, as long as he “respects” her and treats her right?

Day after day, we hear about women being murdered by men in toxic relationships, yet the political arena is twice as toxic.

Labourites tarred and feathered Portia Simpson Miller, and many were hurt because of it, and now because Kari has made a choice that does not sit well with many, she should be dragged through the mud for it?

Who are any of us to decide what is right or wrong for a grown woman?


Is Jamaica not a democratic country?

Is the PNP not a democratic party?

Would Michael or Norman Manley, be proud of how many of us, calling ourselves “Born PNP”, are treating Kari Douglas?

Where does this hatred for each other, because of politics, come from?

Does the Jamaican constitution, not give “all Jamaicans”, the right to join any political party they desire, or leave if they so choose to do?

When did the PNP  become a communist party, that all and sundry should fall in line and be counted?

How about simply wishing her well, and let it be???

Do we have to be “cruel”, “callous” and “vicious”, in defending party alliances?

Kari deserves to be treated much better. She is a woman, a mother and a human being.


To my knowledge, the leader of the PNP has not yet “publicly” chastised those dragging her through the mud, and asked them to “cease” and “desist” with the dirty attacks.

But then “good” leaders lead by example, so why am I surprised???

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