17 Jamaicans Deported From The UK

A Home Office flight containing 17 Jamaicans who have been convicted of various offences has departed the United Kingdom.

Campaigners in the UK protesting the deportation flight prior to its departure

The flight was initially slated to return an additional 25 persons who were scheduled for deportation but they were allowed to stay in the UK courtesy of a court order amid concerns they did not have access to legal advice.

The individuals who are being deported  have all been convicted of criminal offenses and were given prison sentences of 12 months or more.

On Tuesday, the UK’s Home Office said:

“We make no apology for trying to protect the public from serious, violent and persistent foreign national offenders.

“The court ruling does not apply to all of the foreign national offenders due to be deported and we have therefore proceeded with the flight.”

Prominent UK politician – Tottenham MP Davaid Lammy voice his disgust with the decision to deport the Jamaicans saying:

“The government wants to give the impression that everyone who was deported was a hardened violent criminal, but the reality is many of those who were scheduled to be deported had committed non-violent, one-time drugs offences.

“The lessons from Windrush have not been learned. Lives are being ruined because we don’t remember our history.”

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