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Reasons Why Casinos Are Great For Tourism In Jamaica

Casinos have been a success story both in Jamaica and around the world. In this article, we delve into the reasons why Casinos are fantastic for creating a tourist boom, and how it helps other tourist-related industries to thrive.

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Current Success Stories

The success of Casinos in other countries shows how tourism may be able to thrive in Jamaica. One key example is in South-East Asia where many countries have used casinos as a way of expanding their tourism strategy. Although, the legality can be somewhat complicated. Myanmar and Thailand are two countries where casinos have provided an extra revenue stream for both of these countries. You can view more information about Thai casinos online.


Local governments in Myanmar have used Casinos as a way of diverting more tourists to their areas, even though there is an issue of legality with the central government. They have managed to attract wealthy Chinese tourists to their countries who provide fantastic economic benefit. Jamaica can also benefit in a similar manner through attracting wealthy tourists.

Gambling in Jamaica

For a long time, gambling was strictly illegal in Jamaica. This made it difficult for any casinos to run. Before, 2012 there was a strict law that prohibited all types of gambling. It made every single type of wagering illegal. Only slot machines were allowed, and these were limited to resort sites. However, once the law was lifted there was an opportunity for the gambling industry to gain prominence within the Island nation. Today gambling is legal, and Jamaica has around 22 facilities. Online gambling is also legal, but only to tourists and visitors. Aside from this, all physical types of gambling are legal for everyone in the country. There are licenses and regulations required for all casinos.

Casinos in Jamaica

Similarly, casinos have been a massive success story for Jamaica. There are a number of reasons why Casinos have provided a massive revenue boost for tourism.

One of the ways in which Casinos can be great for tourism is through the way that they enrich the resort experience. Many wealthy tourists go to resorts expecting a high-quality standard. The inclusion of a casino can make all the difference when they are deciding which destination to visit. It adds a touch of class and excitement to any resort. An example of a successful casino located within a resort is the Monte Carlo Gaming Lounge which is located in the Terra Nova, All Suite Hotel. It has over 150+ gaming machines and boasts an area of around 8,000 square feet. It has been incredibly successful, and it is one of the reasons why the resort remains so popular.

Another popular casino is the Treasure Hunt Gaming. It provides a unique and exciting experience. The spectacular views combined with the high-quality food give it an immediate appeal to tourists. Another benefit of casinos is that they allow other aspects of the tourist industry to thrive. Many casinos are connected to restaurants, and bars and these get a boost as a direct result. The entire country benefits in economic terms and many jobs are created in a range of industries as a direct result of casinos. There is a direct result on employment as a result of the expansion of the gambling industry, and it directly impacts on tourism.



You should now have a better understanding of why Casinos could boost tourism in Jamaica. They attract wealthy tourists who benefit the entire economy. The country’s lax laws on gambling have only been in effect for a few years, so there is still a lot of potential for the industry to expand and for more excellent casinos to open in the future.

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