Jamaica Casinos

Jamaica occupies one of the leading positions among today’s tourist destinations. According to this Wiki online resource, this country is immensely popular among travelers from 35 to 50 years old.

Casino tourism has become one of the most popular ways to make a vacation unforgettable, right?. Several resorts on the island offer gambling services and gambling halls.

Casinos in Jamaica appeared after the government legalised these activities.


However since the issuance of licenses, the placement and administration of casinos has been strictly regulated by the government. Officials develop all the projects of the game halls and their standard.

Casinos and sports betting parlours are now available for tourists who visit the island.

Casinos and other entertainment in Jamaica

Most of Jamaica’s annual profit is related to the service industry. Restaurants, hotels, entertainment complexes attract tourists and support the country’s economy. Watching the development of gambling business, local officials have begun to develop projects for future gaming halls.

Where can I relax and enjoy the slot machines? This is a popular question among travelers who are going to visit the amazing and colorful Jamaica. Today, you can find several resorts that can offer real casino services:

-Celebration Jamaica Resort & Casino;

-Holiday Inn Resort Casino Montego Bay;


-Macau Gaming Lounge & Bar;

-Harmony Cove Jamaica;

-Hedonism II Resort;

-Monte Carlo Gaming Lounge at the Terra Nova;

-Treasure Hunt Ocho Rios.

Each of these resorts offers tourists great restaurants and bars, luxury hotels and hotel complexes, spa and fitness areas, a casino and a good mood.

Montego Bay is the gambling center of Jamaica. Here you will find 2 excellent casinos that offer 45+ slots with cool design and large payouts. Gaming halls also offer baccarat/ blackjack/roulette/poker/sportsbook.

Holiday Inn Resort Casino Montego Bay is the largest gambling resort in Jamaica. Here you can stay in one of the 500 rooms, visit 4 different restaurants and win a lot of money in the game room.

Virtual Gambling?

Locals aren’t keen on gambling, so we should take into account the number of travelers considering this issue. Fortunately, the competent strategy of local authorities and new modern complexes attract a large flow of tourists to the island.


Most tourists travel with mobile devices and laptops. It helps them to work and enjoy their favorite games. Consequently, the virtual casino has become a very profitable business for a whole list of countries where such entertainment is allowed.

Jamaican authorities are developing plans for introducing online gambling to attract tourists. Thus, officials want to increase the financial flow in the country. Such a statement was made by Audley Show last spring.

Today, local authorities approached the task because it attracted a lot of investment and developers.

Jamaica is a very popular tourist destination. Real gaming halls appeared on the islands a long time ago, but they received permission to board games only in 2010. Today, Jamaica offers tourists a lot of great complexes with real casinos. So, you have over 45 slot machines that include card games.

Nowadays, officials are considering a law on the legalisation of virtual entertainment. The authorities of this island nation are hoping that online gambling will increase the treasury by $ 1-2 billion.

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