Top 5 Celebrity Poker Players

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Poker has been attracting celebrities forever. It is the game of choice for many famous people and this is mostly because poker is a game of skill, tactics, and strategies. You have to know the rules and
learn how to manipulate them in order to win.

This game excites celebrities to that extent that many of them have even participated in popular poker tournaments, like the WSOP. If you’re a poker player yourself signup to NetBet and get some
free poker cash.

Jason Alexander


The Seinfeld’s star, known as George Costanza in the TV show, Jason Alexander is a passionate poker
player. Contrary to his role, the real Jason does have a game. If you’re a WSOP follower, then you
must’ve heard about him already. He is a fierce player and a really good opponent. He’s constantly
playing poker on television, and having in mind that he is a comedian, every time he shows up on TV
playing poker, you should expect a lot of laughs and great poker wins.

Matt Damon

The most popular movie about poker Rounders features Matt Damon, the actor who is himself a
great poker player. Maybe that is why he fits this role perfectly because he is a natural in poker
playing. Although, it was not always that way. In fact, the actor learned to play poker for the role. He
wanted to feel on his own skin how exciting is it to put a lot of money on a game and how thrilling is
it to win that money back. He has participated in the WSOP series as well.

Tobey Maguire

We know him as Spiderman but little did we know that he could also play poker. Maguire is one of
the most frequent celebrity players in the WSOP, playing for almost 15 years. That being said, it is
clear that the man is an absolute shark when it comes to poker. He is one of the toughest opponents
that has a lot of wins in his history of playing. Rumours are, his winnings go over $10 million. For
someone whose job description is not a professional poker player, that number is quite astonishing.

Aaron Paul

The star of the freakishly famous TV Show Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul is also a known celebrity poker
player. He took part in the Global Poker League only twice and won both matches. This
demonstrates that he knows his game well. He has also taken part in many other poker
tournaments, like the PokerStars Championship Bahamas and the WSOP. Cristiano Ronaldo beat
him, though, in the charity poker battle organized by PokerStars.


Ben Affleck

Although Ben Affleck is known for many of his Oscar-winning movies, he is also a known gambler.
Though his game of choice is actually blackjack, Ben Affleck can manage his way in poker as well. He
usually plays against fellow producers and actors in public but also in their private villas. Sadly, Ben
Affleck has many other addictions that combined with gambling have made his life miserable in the
past years, and recently, he was admitted to rehab for alcohol addiction.

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