More Casinos To Boost Tourism In Jamaica?

Tourism in Jamaica continues to thrive and in the year 2016, annual tourist arrivals for the country surpassed its population.

Each year Jamaica welcomes approximately 3.5 million people however the widely held view is that there is still ample room for growth. 

An undoubtedly great way to bolster the number of visitors to the island is by providing a wider range of casino options.

The proliferation of internet access across the globe has afforded many persons the opportunity to try their luck via online casinos.

But the reality is that after familiarizing themselves with the online offerings, many of these persons yearn for the the real life casino experience.

And Jamaica could potentially capitalize on this by emulating places like Macau. Despite being only 30 square kilometres, the autonomous territory on the western side of the Pearl River estuary in East Asia attracts around 31 million visitors each year. 

Jamaica, at close to 11,000 square kilometers could potentially see its visitor arrival levels soar by providing more casino offerings.

The island already boasts a few casinos such as the Club Jamaica Gaming Lounge and Mosino but by constructing more the country is sure to benefit greatly economically.

Photo by Krissia Cruz on Unsplash

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