Bloody Mary Rains

I can see your soul
And the scars all
over it;
That decorates your
shine like a funeral

And the knife of love
that slipped its way
Into your colourful

I can hear the vibrations
from your head against
the wall
As you’re causing an
In the tranquil dark

poemsI’ll close my eyes and
call out to you,
As I know you need a


So despite the shocks
I’ll lead you home;
Despite the blood erupting
from your soul

I’ll try my hardest to

make you laugh,
Even though he silenced

It hurts a lot to watch
the show
Yet you never see the

As you smile as if the
nights are chill
But the day sees the lie
and believes it

So why do you smile in
such despair?

Cry girl cry!
Shed those bloody tears!

Like the Bloody Mary
you are


Cry girl cry!
Let em’ fall

But when you’re finished
Look in a mirror you’ll see
The disaster that you’ve

So build a bridge to bring
you across,
The shame in which you’ve
Of a life that you wished
not to know

As you relive the sin of
a mistake
Remember keep a smile
on your face

As the devil can smell
a frown,
From hell all the way

So don’t relish in your
ex’s mess,
Instead cry about him

For that way you’ll
get the release,
That you’ve prayed so
much for.

By: Jevaunie Patterson

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