Why Tufton?

I spent an almost sleepless night trying to look inside Mr. Holness’ head.

This morning I am just as baffled. The pervading thoughts at the back of my own head keep coming back to this one question.


Seems to me that any candidate should have some significant knowledge, or experience, in a certain field, if they are to effectively administrate there, even at a corporate level, much less at a governmental one.


One doesn’t need a hammer and chisel to dig out the fact that Mr. Tufton is hopelessly inept where he has been placed.

Non despite, I am definitely not placing the blame for the suffering, pain and deaths arising from these current health crises at Mr.Tufton’s feet, but at the feet of the insensitive arrogance that put him there in what seems to be a cavalier manner. One now really has to wonder as to Mr. Holness’ motive behind this appointment. Was it a power move of sorts?

Was it meant to put Tufton so helplessly and hopelessly out of his depth so as to make him an object of ridicule and a laughing stock? Is that it Mr. Holness?
If so, to what end?

Health Minister – Christopher Tufton (right) Image via jamaica-gleaner.com

So that in future he won’t be able to mount any serious challenge to your leadership of the JLP, as has been often speculated?”
Or does it get more sinister than that?
Could it be, as is also often speculated, that he was just given a post to shut him up?

My other burning question…..what could Mr Tufton know?
What information does he have on either Mr Holness, or the JLP executive that they would take this “ginormous” risk of jeopardizing the people’s health, as is the prevailing scenario, which if left unchecked can spawn the “bacterial” routing and decimation of a nation?.

It is wrong to play politics with the overall health of a people who entrusted you with a mandate to protect them and theirs.
How can this ever be justified Mr. Holness?

Mr. Prime Minister, I think you owe that growing number of grieving parents weeping over their dead babies immediate answers, and yes, some amount of restitution.


Your silence on the issue is reflecting a nonchalance that we would hate to have to acknowledge in any elected leader.

It constitutes an insult to our intelligence.

I am sure there is a shoal of more equipped fish for that post in your ”vast” resource pool.
So again I ask, as my heart burns for the dead and the grieving, of whom I almost became a part..


By Ava Ramdeen – a former staff writer and subeditor of The Daily Gleaner ,The Jamaica Daily News, and Caribbean Life News in New York, as well as Managing Editor of the Caribbean Media Network 1995. Email feedback to [email protected] and [email protected]

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