I loved the dark
I slept at dawn,
For in the light
I was scared

For I’m a prisoner
to evil,
For I’m a sinner to
For I’m a slave to

And the light can’t
save me.


poemsFrom being this
That I’ve created.
From giving in,
To my darkest fears.

For I murdered the
ones that I loved;
Twice in a day!
Twice in a day!

I can’t wash the
blood off my hands,
I can’t wash the
blood out the mirror

For when I stare
It’s all I see;

The killer in me,
My killer reality.

For when I stare
It’s all I know;

The murderer,
The one without
a soul.


So I pray like a
And sin like the

Each minute,
Each second,
Each hour.

For hope is a key
that keeps me driving
In the chariot of my
desired freedom

With heavenly horses
leading my way,
And my two kills
beside of me.

But I can’t go home

I have no soul

I dwelled in the dark,

And now it’s all I

By Jevaunie Patterson


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