Love Letter to Jamaica

Jamaica, Jamaica

I dream of you everyday
How I wish you were near and not far away

I want to touch you once more
Caress you to the core

Feel your vivacity embracing my body

Feel your creativity underneath my skin
Feel your determination and desire to win 

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I miss you so dearly and as the days go by
My love affair with you will never ever die
I have been many places
I have seen many faces
But nothing compares to your magnetic stare
and in your arms, I have no fear
The undeniable mark that is imprinted on my heart
will never disappear so we will never part
And when I think that I am going to forget
I look in the sky and I see the sunrise and sunset
and that alone gets me so high
brings me back to reality
cementing the fact  that without you
I just can’t  truly free to be me
So today on your special day
this is what I have to say
Continue to be that great little dot
hhining your light from your  favourite spot
and never ever lose your  vitality and determination to win
because that alone is a very grave sin.
Happy Independence Day Jamaica.. Love you to the Core and so much More

By Yowame – Check out her blog here

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