Jamaican Dad Continues to Write “Dear Karalee” Letters to His Sorely Missed Daughter

A week ago The Jamaican Blogs shared two touching letters written by Oakley Lyle, a Jamaican dad who says he has not been allowed to see his daughter for close to a year.

His daughter Karalee lives overseas and is hearing impaired so calling her is not really an option and he has not been allowed to contact her using other communication mediums.

Now Oakley is writing a series of letters with the hope that one day he will be allowed to communicate with his baby girl.

See his most recent letter below:



Dear Karalee

Sweetie, my fingers can form “I LOVE YOU” quite perfectly now
And it comes from a place within, I just can’t explain how.

So many times I wish that I could really hear your voice
Yet it’s not made possible by a heavenly choice

You were so young to be burdened with a woman’s pain
Yet each month you bore it like a little lady, just the same

Sometimes when your tummy hurt, you’d always come to me
And I’d rub it, ever so gently, until you would fall asleep

You’d see my broken spirit and rub my head as you passDear-Karalee
Though my pain was unspoken, you saw through me like glass

Kissing me gently on the cheek, as if to say everything will be fine
And that would lift my spirit at just about the perfect time


You are one of my many and special blessings from God
And that’s why losing touch with you has been so hard

I know you love your mom and that you still love me too
But fair is fair, I shouldn’t have been distanced from you

I won’t get to see your beauty change from year to year
And maybe I’ll miss your sweet sixteen when it does appear

You may even grow up to be in college, long before I know
And my heart pains me more than ever, not seeing you grow

I won’t forget little things you did aloud, though you can’t hear
Like when you came home, bringing me a purple Teddy Bear

I still hold it close whenever my mind runs back to our past
And seeing your stuffed toys lying around, still breaks my heart

Your uncle sends all his love to you from a distance, this time
Now, when I’m asked about you, I tell them that you’re doing fine

If mom thinks she’s hurting me, then she’s doing a good job
And losing all else is worthwhile, if only you were all that I had

Goodbye for now as my heart swells with troubled emotions
Because my love for you is special and, yes, my pain still stands


Stay focused on the things at school and those around you too
Just maybe, I could be there standing with a rose, picked for you.

With all my love,
Daddy – @PurpleHeart

Oakley Lyle is an author and poet – Visit his Facebook Page HERE

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