The Contender Series in Schools

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that students are still going to school for the purpose of learning based on the number of violent videos that surface on social media sites.

Thankfully, in the midst of these horrific videos we see glimmers of hope of students who continue to excel in school.

Believe it or not I have a high level of fear when it comes to walking in their midst. I try to get off the streets either before school ends or after the majority of students have gone home.

Why am I fearful? Students no longer war with their hands or by throwing words they now walk with knives and other weapons.


Fighting in schools has become such a common practice that I basically expect to see some form of physical dispute once I log on to my social media account.

What is alarming from time to time when I do end up viewing these recordings, is that so many times adults can be seen watching and even filming.


Is it that adults no longer see the need to reprimand children or is that they believe it is more important to get fame from having their videos being widely circulated?

Fighting in schools is a result of several issues such as lack of respect of self and others, a breakdown in family structure and the importance placed on social media.

As a young person if you want to acquire social media fame so badly, why not try and do something positive and not something that will draw negative attention to you now and years later when you are older.

Instead of focusing on learning in schools too many students are busy planning fights, constructing weapons and blatantly turning a blind eye to what is being taught in schools.

The behaviour of students believe it or not is simply a reflection of society.


Gangs in communities influence students to model their behaviour and even our leaders with their verbal attacks .

Before we place all the blame at the hand of our students, let us look into how we carry ourselves on a daily basis.

Let us instruct students to find suitable alternatives to deal with conflicts by leading by example.

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