Jamaica Deserves Better Than This

Today we draw attention to the tragic news that 18 babies died as a result of infections at the place of their birth- the Hospitals.

The alarming thing about this is not just the deaths, but the callous and cold approach of both parties to this news.

With officials of the ministry alluding that this type of death happens worldwide and we are no more worse than even the US, is criminal in thinking. A death is a crime here like everywhere and whilst aligning the deaths with first world countries seem to ‘soften’ the blow, what they forget to tell the grieving families is that in those countries, unlike Jamaica, families have recourse, both legal and financial.

A country that cannot take care of its most vulnerable is not a country, but can be compared to a barbaric animal. The public discourse of both Andrew and Portia is just like two animals barking at each other to see who can get the dead bone.


Stop it. Stop this nonsense NOW. Jamaica is better than this. Politics  will never be the saviour of our country. It starts with a collective effort on both houses to understand we failed our people, yet again, and political squabble will not fix it. 

The Ministry of Health is like the Syria of today- politically torn, mercilessly destroyed by political bombs and collateral blood flows daily from both sides, JLP and PNP. 

JAMAICA is filthy and our garbage fills our streets. But do our hospitals have to compete with the streets? Shame. Shame on us to destroy 18 vulnerable lives and equate them to professional liabilities. Shame on us to use politics and professional cronyism to cover a menu of institutional backwardness and medicority.  

The babies are already dead. How many more will die? How many will it take to convince you both that Jamaicans deserve the same medical conditions and services that every politician can afford to have by flying abroad when they fall sick, abandoning the medical services here that they claim is very good?

ProverbNo Portia and Andrew. Most Jamaicans cannot fly at will to Florida. Yes, there are the odd times when sadly death by institutional abnormality occurs. But Madam Prime Minister and Opposition leader Holness, that is the exception rather than the rule. And when that happens Madam and Sir, there is no attempt to bamboozle the grieved from compensation. Rather the institution is forced to make restitution and correct the inconsistencies, ensuring it never happens again. 

There is also accountability Madam PM and Opposition leader. Someone must be held accountable as in the end an institution is run by people and it is the people, not an institution that took the professional oath to deliver the very best medical service to its customers. If you both allow this tragedy to go unpunished, then frankly you are both not governing this country. In fact you are both aiding in killing this country.  

Over to you both. The people are watching, with our voting pens in hand. It is not a threat. We are simply just tired and sick of the continued standard of mediocrity to which both political parties seem to salivate and govern this blessed island. 


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