Six Ways to Romance a Jamaican Woman (I Think)

When a Jamaican woman falls in love, she is the most loyal and caring person in the world – though NOT a pushover! (Isn’t that true, my Jamaican sisters?)

Jamaica is regarded as one of the most romantic places to fall in love.

The task of making a Jamaican woman fall in love is completed if a man chooses the right occasion for the first date and backs up the ambiance with “lyrics”. So, ladies, which of the following activities might “tickle your fancy” and men, which would you choose?

THE BEACH: Number one spot for romance. There are more than 50 public beaches in Jamaica. Stroll on one of them or go to an all-night beach party, to gaze at each other under the stars and (say no more);

DINING OUT: There are hundreds of restaurants in Jamaica offering international cuisine. Some of us Jamaican sisters do not like this activity, especially if a man keeps glancing at the menu and making mental calculations as to the cost LOL;


NIGHT CLUB: Again, there are hundreds of nightclubs throughout the country. Be careful in choosing one, some clubs are “raunchy” but you-all can find out if you “click” with all that gyrating and slow music.


MOUNTAIN HIKING: If a man endures this grueling task, he might be rewarded with passionate kisses while gazing at the sunrise. The Blue Mountains have to be the most romantic place on earth, and there are spas all over.

THEATRE: Wonderful plays, with contemporary dancing and themes. Chance to impress her that you are aesthetically inspired, even if you suppress the yawns.

HOME COOKED MEAL: DEFINITELY a winner, as long as the meal is cooked well and you play the right type of soft music. A Jamaican woman is more impressed if your bathroom and kitchen are spotless than whether you have luxury items in your house. Nuh true? Have a day, all!

By Neo Makeba

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