I Support Britain’s Decision to Build a Prison in Jamaica

Let me clear my throat.

I’ve realized many Jamaicans are angry because David Cameron has announced that Britain will spend 25 million Pounds to construct a prison on the island to house those prisoners that are from Jamaican who are currently incarcerated in his country at the expense of British tax payers.

Why on earth are people complaining?

Common sense dictates that if these Jamaicans went to Britain and behaved themselves by adhering to the laws, rules and regulations, there would be no need for them to be behind bars.


The man is exactly right! Weren’t we the same ones who said “we need we freedom from BACKRA MASSAH”? Backra Massah has every right to return our bad behaving people.

Jamaicans in UK prisons
Image via bbc.co.uk

The truth is, some of us know that crime doesn’t pay and believe we can get away with doing some of the things we do at home in another country.

To those complaining and talking about the money could be put to better use, my question is this: Why should Backra Massah want to spend money to give you schools, hotels, and all these grand things?

INDEPENDENT PEOPLE are supposed to find their own way. We cannot “cuss” Backra Massah from one side of our mouth and then seek pittance from the other side.

Don’t curse Mr. Cameron, curse the tribalistic politics that has brought Jamaica to its current state from we received independence till now. For over 50 years we have been an independent nation and the only thing Britain can offer us is a BIGGER prison, and that for you is Jamaica’s political independence.

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