Stop ‘Hype Up’ Graduations

Firstly, to all my readers let me ask you how many of you actually remember in details your basic school graduation?

It’s that time of year when schools and the education ministry are knocking heads as to the expensive graduation packages. I believe that the hypeness associated with basic school graduations is just for parents to have an outlet to show how nicely they themselves can dress and how well they can dress their children. 

I attended Spanish town infant as a child and I remember having a very small service, nothing spectacular. I then went on to St.Catherine primary where we graduated in our uniforms and the very same thing happened when I graduated from Wolmer’s Girls. Do I feel any less than those who graduated in gowns at every stage of their academic journey? I sure don’t. 

Parents spending over $10000 for a child who the following week won’t even remember half of what took place. If you want to have a big celebration create one at your home and stop pleading to the ministry to understand your need to show off how well you can dress yourself and your child.


Students from basic to high school at least should graduate in their uniforms. Let there not me another outlet for comparisons to be made but allow each child to feel comfortable amongst their friends. Having this dressing up thing will only allow some children to feel inferior and we already have enough of that in society.

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What is really sad is that when money for school fees are needed the money can’t be found but the money magically appears when is time to jump up for celebration. The money you want to celebrate graduation could be used to ensure that your child is making the most of their educational experience.

Based on my observations most times it’s those parents whose children aren’t doing as well who go the extra mile to ensure that they are well dressed on graduation day. A basic school graduation shouldn’t be expected to be costing over $10000 when on everyone’s lips we are all saying how things are hard. Before you squint it’s back to school time again and money will be needed for school supplies.

Whatever money you have for graduation kindly put it up to ensure that your children can improve academically.

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