Where Have All The Good Women Gone?

If you take a look at social media sites it appears that men are voicing their opinions about relationships more than women are.

Over the years, women were known more to be the sex that openly described what they are looking for in a partner. Apparently, times have changed and men are letting it be known that it is very hard to find a partner to settle down with.

What exactly has changed? Why is that men are finding it hard to find a nice young lady?

Women are changing the way they view relationships and have become more dominant over the years. Women are becoming more open about their sexual practices and are not afraid to be as adventurous as their male counterparts. Loyalty, is the most common issue that men are finding when looking for a female to settle down with.


Women are starting to flip the switch and playing the game the way men have been doing for years. Women will say from time to time that men are drawn to women who show more skin so they have opted to take that avenue. Yet men are saying that women who show skin are nice to look at but they aren’t the women who they will leave the game for.

Image Source: suavv.com
Image Source: suavv.com

Is it the fact that women are joining the game why men are finding it hard to find good women? Perhaps one of the reasons is that men are not looking for the right qualities. In many cases it seems as if women have put aside their standards for attention. Men however, often times define a good woman as one who is hardworking but still able to carry out her domestic duties. On the other hand, women are moving towards being dependent and not so dedicated to the domestic duties as they used to be. The problem then occurs because the mindsets have changed with the times.

If we are to take a look at social media sites it can be very disgraceful at times to see the way our young ladies are behaving and I ask myself at times what will our future female leaders look like? Our young ladies need to realize that there is more to life than dressing up and getting likes to increase your popularity. Our young ladies are lacking substance and rarity. Everyone looks the same, dresses the same and talks the same. One and two of our young men are starting to realize that they have had enough of the women who are in search of vanity and are looking to bring back women of substance in style.

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Vaughn Brown
8 years ago

Sexual orientation is big part of the problem on both sides , it has help to complicate relationship