The PNP and The Road to Disaster

Finally I have come to the conclusion that as a country Jamaica is going nowhere.

A reporter asked the Prime Minister of Jamaica if she had breached a promise she made in the last elections, she had no answer except to say she has no clue what is going on.

Her response speaks volumes about the people we elect to run the country.

Then to hear that GCT will now be added to the electric bills of Jamaicans, and that PETROL will also be taxed is a clear indication that this government is going to further create CHAOS and ANARCHY in Jamaica.

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Image Source:

Now how on earth people can survive under this REGIME is baffling to me, especially when the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE is so high and jobs that could benefit Jamaicans are now being offered to MEXICANS.

Now if the taxes are to fill a gap in the budget as stated by the Minister of Finance, then how about they take a cut in pay to show solidarity towards the people?

God knows their compensation is more than adequate and all they are doing is wrecking the country.

If ever a good opposition was needed, now would be the time, but I fear all that is coming from that side is dictatorship and a man who seemingly thinks that no one should disagree with him, because anyone who does so will feel his wrath.

The question now is where do Jamaicans and JAMAICA go from here?

Sadly the answer is vividly clear. We are now OVER THE CLIFF, and there is no rescue in sight.



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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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