UK Therapist Says He Will Make Yohan Blake Faster Than Bolt (Video)

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An ambitious massage therapist by the name of Errol Lynch from the United Kingdom has vowed to make Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake the fastest man on the planet.

Lynch practises an ancient form of therapy known as Tunia and has already visited Jamaica to treat Yohan who has been struggling with a hamstring injury.

Having already been treated three times by the therapist, Blake said he was “feeling really good”.

According to the therapist, he deliberately decided not to treat Bolt so the world could witness the efficacy of the  therapy.


He stated: “If I treat Bolt and he stays at number one, people won’t know how good Tuina is. But if number two becomes number one there will be greater interest in Tuina.”

He also says he plans to work with the Jamaican team at the Olympic Games in Rio next year, where he hopes his treatment on Blake will allow him to beat Bolt.

Blake expresses his satisfaction with the treatment below:

Source: York Press

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