Popular Ravers Clavers Dancer Dies (Video)

Image via Youtube/DanceJA
Image via Youtube/DanceJA

Many supporters of the dancing fraternity are now mourning the death of Mundo Ravers.

Mundo was a popular dancer for the Ravers Clavers dance group.

Born Ricardo Garden, Mundo Ravers died over the weekend after battling kidney problems for years.

Another Jamaican entertainer, Ding Dong announced Mundo’s passing on Saturday via social media.


Mundo was the creator of popular dances like Sassa Step and Follow Thru and suffered from a disease known as Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), which is a disease that attacks the kidney’s filtering system (glomeruli) causing serious scarring.

FSGS is one of the many causes of a disease known as Nephrotic Syndrome, which occurs when valuable protein in the blood leaks into the urine (proteinuria).

In the video below courtesy of DanceJA Mundo took the time to show off one of his dance moves despite his ill health.

Rest well Mundo.

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