Something is Rotten in Jamaica

There is something rotten in Denmark, or should I say Jamaica, in every sphere of public life.

This country has found itself in the position whereby apart from the “the land is green and the sunshineth” there is hardly anything good to say about this island. Our economy is in a mess, our crime rate has begun to soar again, hardships of all sorts abound, and to top it off there is a wave of hopelessness sweeping across the island. Our morals are as loose as water, parenting the proper way is almost existent and our school girls are prostituting themselves for a ‘box food’. There is indeed something rotten in the state of Jamaica.

This point was driven home even more forcefully last week while I was attending a political treat, put on for kids. After the party and games were over, some of the latest slack music started playing and to my amazement I saw a mother with a child not more than a year old, and not more than a foot and a half  in height dancing. What was shocking to me about this scene was that the mother had the child on a domino table top and was directing the child how to ‘wine up’ herself to the songs!!! I watched in horror and growing anger until I couldn’t stand it anymore and I said to someone beside me: “If that is the type of parenting around then parents should not have anything to say when their children get pregnant in schools they should not complain one bit.” To my surprise the young man that claims he is a father actually rebuked me saying in essence nothing is wrong- it’s apart of our culture. Now whenever a father can see nothing wrong with a baby girl for that matter, at such a young age, standing on a table top and dancing to the latest nastiness before learning to say “momma”, you know this nation is on the road to destruction.

The way how children are being raised today is shocking. Children from a young age are being put into ear rings, belly rings, short skirts exposing their private areas if they bend down, etc. All of these things have contributed to young children being forced to grow up way too early, warping their minds, and destroying their childhoods in the most destructive ways possible. These mothers and fathers nowadays are the worst set of hoodlums ever. They have no concept of how to properly raise children, no idea of what proper morals are and are certainly not fit to be parents. The old adage and scripture that says: “grow up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old he will not depart” should be instilled in these nowadays parents.


Look at the society we live in today and tell me if this generation isn’t the worse we have ever seen in all generations? Understandably at the same time that this sort of parenting has taken over, or lack thereof, from the old ways of discipline. There has been a remarkable increase in lawlessness and general disorder right across the society.  At one point churches were considered off limits for criminals, now they burglarize churches and steal more than they do elsewhere. In schools, teachers can’t even teach in peace as children think it’s a right to be disruptive and generally disrespectful and if the teacher dares scold them he or she is threatened or even physically harmed. Even worse, is that they go home for their God forsaking parents who turn up at the schools and assault the teachers!

Many young girls attending school have no value for education or themselves. They will engage in any sexual act for the latest smartphone, a box food or a drive to school. We are witnessing the emergence of a nation of whores and prostitutes in school uniforms. They go to the highest bidder like how slaves used to be traded during the slavery era. Young girls now seem to be in a race to see who can get the most babies. Some have several children by the time they become adults.

The youngsters are the future of our country, and if they are behaving like they are doing now it’s highly probable they will do no better in the future. It’s time for parents to start being parents again and instill proper discipline and morals into their children in an attempt to safeguard our future from total destruction. Right and wrong must be taught again in the homes, children must be sent to Sunday school or Sabbath schools. How many of us remember the days when we used to learn how to behave from some stern Sunday and Sabbath schoolteachers? When they said “SIT UP”, you had to immediately sit up. That kind of early discipline helped us to become proper citizens who have been able to live productive and lawful lives.

Back to the old ways of discipline!

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