Jamaican woman held at JFK airport with over $5 million worth of Cocaine

A Jamaican woman has been caught attempting to smuggle over five million dollars worth of cocaine into New York via her luggage at the JFK international airport.

According to the Daily Mail, Chevelle Rusheen Nesbeth hid 2.5 pounds of the drug in the metal poles of multiple suitcases before flying from Jamaica’s Montego Bay to New York’s Kennedy Airport, according to a charge sheet. 

According to the Department of Homeland Security, Nesbeth was detained after a spot-check of luggage at arrivals on Tuesday. 

Inspectors felt that each of her cases had one unusually dense handle. 


Nesbeth was escorted to a private search room where officers discovered a white powdery substance in the hand rails which tested positive for cocaine.

The cocaine wass valued at US $45,000 which translates to over JMD $5 million.

smuggling drugs
Case officers confiscated from Chevelle Rusheen Nesbeth – Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

Source: Daily Mail

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Desreine Taylor
8 years ago

Wow. How Did She Get Past The ionscan At The Jamaican airport?

Ruth Peterson
8 years ago

I think sometimes Jamaica would rather she be in jail in the U.S. than in Jamaica. At least the U.S. will have to feed and house her for however many years she gets in jail. Plus, it sends a big message to other who Jamaicans would think of doing the same thing. You will be in jail in a foreign country away from your friends and family for a long time. I know Jamaican prisons are probably worse in terms of living conditions but U.S. jails are no picnic either. And after your sentence you get deported back to Jamaica… Read more »

Hugh Rodgers
7 years ago

Ruth Peterson, who says you are allowed back in the U.S. After you have been deported? Not sure if that info is correct