A Most Entertaining Interview with Gully Bop and his Fiancée

Onstage screenshot

He rose from obscurity overnight after an amateur video of him free-styling surfaced on the internet and went viral.

Since his meteoric rise to stardom, the name Gully Bop  has been dominating conversations across Jamaica.

With his new found fame have come many negative comments being made about him and his soon to be wife Shauna Chin.

Many have questioned the sincerity of her affection for the entertainer while others have accused him of being arrogant.


In this recent Interview by Onstage, the couple gives some revealing answers to several questions asked by host Winford Williams.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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Shanoya Simpson Taylor

gullybop do yo ting

Sharon Shazz Edwards Nembhard

Gully Bop, that was some interview! You have a brand new fan! Wishing you nothing but the very best on your restoration. Congratulations Ms. Chin, you earned this rise your own self. Gully Bop, That part about fixing your mouth? I understand your point but you should have trusted your Dentist more…and taken the plunge now rather than later, so when you are gaining traction, we all would have been accustomed to your “new sound”. So here’s hoping the adjustment won’t be so much as to cause the change you anticipate. Good luck and blessed blessed love.

Alcott Smith
8 years ago

Nuff respect

Pinky Toocute Love
8 years ago

Mad man can’t talk so positive stupid people

Li Annie Sabryna Fenna

Nuff Respect Gully Bop.. stay puy dont mek no man steal your joy.. You are not a mad man mek dem go way.. your thing Up just stay up!

Cheryl Davis
8 years ago

seriously if it quack like a duck its a duck. a money she a dweet far cause she neva know him from when n all of a sudden them engage an a try get pregnant? My dear belly nuh hole man again. I dont understand one thing she did a say a more she a de mad man

Kayon Williams
8 years ago

well listening to her now, maybe she is genuine, she sounds a bit stupid, she has no command of the English language or what?

Kayon Williams
8 years ago

am a huge animal lover, but damn he left his dogs there after he moved. JEEZ! soon go back for them? when them dead?

Banny G Click
8 years ago

To how Gully Bop girl speaks, a only hope she is not a Delilah and Sampson. Because di no teeth guy put all his confidence in her; a hope a true love that

Janet Ewen
8 years ago

Never put anyone down because we are not better than anyone

Itz Mill Mill Inuh
8 years ago

that lady is a player. no more comments#


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