The Hypocrisy of SOME Jamaicans Living Abroad

More times than not I tend to irritate people when I speak, but as usual I really do not care.

I speak my mind and let the chips fall where they may.

As a Jamaican living overseas I refuse to be a HYPOCRITE and pretend that where I am from, the little place called Jamaica is a bed of roses. I see many Jamaicans here talking smack and acting as if they forget about the many TRUTHS that happen back home while they bury their heads in the sand. Do not leave your country where all is well, cock up yuh behind in another country, reap the benefits of said country, and then chat CRAP about how RACIST the country is.

Go back to yard where you claim you have nothing to worry about when walking the streets. Some of us come here to AMERICA, and suddenly we are all professors on RACISM and CLASSISM, yet fail to admit that it is the same CLASSISM and RACISM why many of us left Jamaica. We sit on our derrieres here and talk crap about how beautiful Jamaica is, and do not want to address the problems why so many of us leave in the first place.

some people are big hypocrites
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While we are crying racism and such in AMERICA, the land of our birth JAMAICA is rated as the third most homicidal country in the world.

How messed up is that? So where are the marches by Jamaicans living abroad asking for PEACE and to bring back Jamaica? Mario Deane was brutally beaten while in the custody of the police in JAMAICA, yet how many American-Jamaicans PROTEST for JUSTICE FOR MARIO DEANE?

How on earth can people be up  in ‘MERICA’ BUSINESS, while in the land their your birth all HELL is breaking loose and remain SILENT about that? What if  UNCLE SAM decides today that whether we have a GREEN CARD or CITIZENSHIP that we all have to go back home? Many of us would drop dead from day one, because the stress alone would send us to hospital, and the conditions of the hospitals alone down there would KILL many of us.

January morning , bright and early over 100 SUGAR WORKERS will have no jobs. Add that to the list of JOBLESS JAMAICANS and we can see that the ‘corner very dark’. Farmers there are not making any money, because the FOREIGN IMPORTED GOODS are CHEAPER than the locally produced ones. Last week a well known Chinese shop keeper had his throat SLASHED by fellow JAMAICANS in the land where we boast of blue sea, white sands, and murderous Jamaicans along with politicians who do not care about the country or its people. Our young girls are being KIDNAPPED, RAPED and SLAUGHTERED by HEARTLESS JAMAICAN MEN and I have yet to hear the outcry of ‘MERICAN’ JAMAICANS on that issue.

So while you stay in  UNCLE SAM’s country and discuss STATISTICS about which CITIES IN AMERICA are most RACIST, while you show the videos of what police are doing to BLACK MEN IN MERICA, at what point will you  make some noise ABOUT WHAT A GWAN A YARD?

America is working on its problems. At what point will JAMAICA begin to work on its problems? Many of us need to check ourselves and stop the HYPOCRISY. Stop condemning America speaking about how scared you are for your children who walk the streets here because they are black because we all know that it won’t take much for them to get  knifed or shot in Jamaica. 

We all know that it takes nothing for police in Jamaica to ‘buss shot under wi skin’ or brutalize us when we call them out so we need to stop pretending.


While of us diligently seek justice in America, we need to spend time seeking justice for Jamaica as well. 

A deh suh wi come fram!

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