Digicel Sells over 60,000 smartphones in one month period!

Jamaicans have been quick to snatch up relatively inexpensive smartphones from Digicel in recent times.

According to Loop Jamaica, Digicel has reported that customers have purchased well over 60,000 smartphones in the month of November alone

This, said Digicel’s Director of Distribution and Retail Channel, was made possible due to the number of sales the company has been having on a range of smartphones.

“These sales are not simply about selling phones – it’s about giving more customers the connectivity they need to stay in touch with their families and friends,” said Michelle Anderson.


“Customers want to share their latest photos on Facebook or Instagram, look up holiday recipes on the internet, and having a smartphone truly allows them to harness the power of connectivity,” said Michelle Anderson.

With prices starting as low as $8,250 for prepaid, customer can choose from a range of devices, including the company’s range of smartphones – the DL700, DL750 and the recently launch DL800 and DL900.

Ian Williams of Forest Hill said he was making use of the sale to give his 10 and 12 year old children their first mobile phone.

“The prices are great, so I’m getting two DL700s for my kids. The phone is reasonably priced especially for all the features that it comes with,” Williams said.

Source: Loop Jamaica

how many phones have Digicel sold
Packed Digicel Store in Kingston – Source: Loop Jamaica

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