Terrorists Threaten to Kill Sean Paul

“Sean Paul, if you visit the Maldives, the world will see your burned and blood-drenched dead body”.

Those were the graphic words used in a recent death threat issued to Sean Paul.

The video message which contained those words was posted yesterday on the popular video sharing website YouTube.

The video message carries the logo of a group which claims to consist of Maldivian jihadis with links to Syria.


Sean Paul is currently scheduled to perform in the Maldives on New Year’s eve.

Tourism minister for the Maldives Ahmed Adeem responded to the threats made by the terrorists  via social media stating that the concert would go ahead as planned.

He also said that both the death threat and Paul’s appearance were unacceptable.

What would you do if you were in Sean Paul’s position? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: The Independent

Terrorists threaten to kill Sean Paul
Sean Paul – Image Source: www.katchthis.co

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Lenard Hogan
8 years ago

Sean paul should perform don’t be like Sony movies

Fabian Scott
8 years ago

All him need fi do is link some youth from the garrisons, get them each some entertainer visas, fly dem there and go on the show cause me sure den hide and bomb fools nuh serious like some weed head hot head youth from South!

Neva Allen
8 years ago

Sean paul, a lot of people loves you, so come back where you’re loved & mek them & them war stay wah dam dah. What amount of money is your Life worth? DO NOT do it

Leroy Onyeukwu Montaque

You guys have to understand that they adhere to strict Muslim rules and he is bringing withing something unacceptable in their culture and they see that as opposition to Allah and the principles of the Qu’ran. They are a seriously Islamic nation. They hate the principles of the secular West.

Jedidiah Feliciano Thorpe


Angelia Johnson
8 years ago

What has sparked the threat and if I were he I would not go. He does not have to be a hero. There are many more places in the world for him to go. Lots of people like to show the world that they are brave and do not care and end up dead. I most certainly would not go!!

Wendy Miller
8 years ago

Mi a tan a mi yawd… coward man kip trang bones… mi nuh dah hawd up fi money….

Lionel Johnson
8 years ago

Don’t go man

Mishibu Di Riddim Queen

Tell them Fi suck dem mumma

Lionel Chyna Brown
8 years ago


Collie Metric
8 years ago

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT.the world need now is love sweet love,so how we go get it if hateful people do not know highly SELASSIE use love and conquer ,

Orlando D Nugent
8 years ago

Call up some yawd man fi roll wid yuh.

Dalton Mcdonald
8 years ago

if a music u a spread across the world, then spread it. make sure you have bodyguards and a 45 magnum and a rachet knife.

Devon Miller
8 years ago

How dem people deh so bright; not even morning star nuh bright so; WHO DEM!!!! DE MAN NUH TROBLE THEM!! THEM OUTA HARDA !!! THEM A COWARD CAUSE THEM HIDE AND BOMB POOR PEOPLE; THEM CANNOT FACE A GANGSTER !!!! I say MARCH dung a dat…… RUDE THEM RUDE!!!!!

Heather Bradley
8 years ago

He should respect the people’s way of life. They dont want to hear the nastiness in reggae music. Freedom of choice.!!

Albert Ohayon
8 years ago

stay out of this, Seam Paul’s name is Henriques, a jewish name from Portugal. He should be home in Jamaiaca where he is a star. Dont take that chance, they would kill you.

Deirdre Hosang
8 years ago

Dont go the world knows how barbaric those people are ,no amount of money is worth that .stay in your yard where you are loved

Kerrina Mcmorris
8 years ago

I would stay the hell away from those place them money or ur life which one more important

Samantha Tamara
8 years ago

Do your thing and trust in God

Shafeea Zubair
8 years ago

Every credible Islamic leader in the world has denounced the ISIS. They are using Islam as a manipulative tool for their agenda. The ISIS is a political movement based on fascist principles. Racist, xenophobic, misogynist, their mission: world domination. As did Hitlers Nazi Party. The Maldives has been infected by agents of the ISIS Movement and who we fear has infiltrated the Maldives armed forces and the Police Force. It was these ISIS recruits who forced the first democratically elected President of the Maldives Nasheed to resign under duress in a coup on 7 February 2012 to bring the leaders… Read more »

Leon Walters
8 years ago

did i interpret what the tourism minister said correctly or was it a typo ” both the death threat and Paul’s appearance in unacceptable”


[…] -source […]

Xavier Philogynist
8 years ago

I would cancel, let them deal with their issues and loose tourism because of their doctrine.

Dwayne Crawford
8 years ago

People, as cruel as we are in this little island we are no match for those extremists. Jamaican bad man dem fraid a death. Dem man deh believe seh when dem dead fi a cause dem go at a place where there is milk, honey and whole heap a virgins. Sean, dont push it yow cause dem man deh suicidal.

Margaret Cohen
8 years ago

No where nu better than yard, Sean should not perform a terrorist is just a terrorist.

Mignon Clare Somers-Miller

Frankly I don’t think it’s worth his life… I would not perform !!!

Gregory Watson
8 years ago

I say perform Sean and yuh done know wi nuh fraid a nobody a yardy we name

Deloris Dove
8 years ago

dont go…….

Mary Rhino
8 years ago

Cancel that show! These guys dont ramp.!!

Redey Mohamed
8 years ago

No door open for assassin of creed to Sean Poul

Kimberly So-Fancy Henry

Forget that Sean better to be safe than sorry

Ramesh Sujanani
8 years ago

What I would do is to 1). find out what improvements have they made to ensure security is adequate, and sustainable against an attack. 2). Ask Maldives for more guarantees, to make the risk affordable; in advance if you can.($$$$$ Isn’t that the what you are working for?) 3) Organize personal security to travel with you, anti-terrorist police or JDF.4). If you can obtain one of the FBI”‘s special agents (Or CIA) asking the USA Ambasssador, or the French, South Afican, UN ( They will send Indian or Pakistani agents) or any larger security country ( get recommendations). Otherwise don’t… Read more »

Ramesh Sujanani
8 years ago

The guarantor will deny any payment on the grounds of non-performance, saying that they as a sovereign country had taken responsibility for your safety.

Gail Bloomfield Abrahams

Why the threats ?

Willet Makeit
8 years ago

Jamaica should send their “eradication boys” over to give them a good spanking….