Homeless Jamaican becomes a Chief Boeing Engineer in Japan!

The Jamaican Blogs™ has made it a habit to share stories about Jamaicans who achieve great things around the world.

Arthur Richards’ story is sure to put you in the frame of mind to start the new year filled with motivation.

To say he had a difficult life growing up would be a gross understatement.

Despite the numerous hardships he faced, he managed to overcome a multitude of adversities and achieve great things.


Arthur now works as a Chief Engineer at Boeing, one of the world’s largest companies that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes and  boasts over 600, 0000 employees.

He was forced to leave his father’s home at the tender age of twelve because of the severe treatment he received.

Arthur was a frequent recipient of beatings courtesy of his father and was forced to live outdoors where he often times slept in trees.

Growing up he was known as ‘stinky‘ because he had a sore foot and both his feet had such a foul odour that doctors recommended amputation.

His condition required him to visit the clinic three days per week to receive dressings for the sores on his feet which greatly affected his schooling and social relations.

As a result he did not have many friends. He jokingly stated during an interview on Ian Boyne’s Profile that “No girl nuh waan hang out with no stinking foot guy“.

The pain he felt in his feet was so excruciating in fact that he forged his father’s signature after he refused to sign the documents to have his legs amputated.


During the time leading up to his scheduled date for amputation his grandmother contacted a local pastor who organized seven churches to fast and pray for him.

The pastor also told him miracles can happen and encouraged him to make a commitment to God. Arthur promised God that if he was healed he would help people across the world.

It was just that simple

According to Arthur after making that promise “It was just that simple“.

Four weeks after the prayers and  his commitment were made, Arthur removed a bandage from his leg while he sat under a mango tree. He saw a ‘little black thing’ protruding from his leg and later discovered it was a worm.

Arthur managed to pull the worm out of his leg and with the assistance of a neighbour who provided pills and instructions to treat the legs, his legs were healed in the space of two months.

picture video homeless Jamaican boy man engineer at Boeing Japan Arthur Richards name
Arthur Richards – Screenshot from Profile via

He later migrated to the United States at the age of 16 where he earned  a scholarship to Tel Aviv University to pursue journalism. While working in media  in the United States he met an engineer from Eastern Airlines.

That meeting motivated him to become qualified in the profession. Arthur now has an intimate understanding of various aircraft. He can both fly and perform intricate repairs on airplanes.  

He has managed to build an impressive resume since leaving Jamaica. Arthur has worked on  “sensitive” satellite launches for the US government and was a part of the team that worked on the Discovery shuttle.


He also worked in Spain, Israel, France and several other countries before landing a job as a Chief Quality Engineer for Boeing in Japan.

His story is definitely living proof that with hard work and perseverance we can elevate ourselves from unfortunate situations. 

Source: Television Jamaica

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[…] he forged his father’s signature after he refused to sign the documents to have his legs amputated….. Continue […]