Homeless Jamaican becomes a Chief Boeing Engineer in Japan!

The Jamaican Blogs™ has made it a habit to share stories about Jamaicans who achieve great things around the world.

Arthur Richards’ story is sure to put you in the frame of mind to start the new year filled with motivation.

To say he had a difficult life growing up would be a gross understatement.

Despite the numerous hardships he faced, he managed to overcome a multitude of adversities and achieve great things.


Arthur now works as a Chief Engineer at Boeing, one of the world’s largest companies that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes and  boasts over 600, 0000 employees.

He was forced to leave his father’s home at the tender age of twelve because of the severe treatment he received.

Arthur was a frequent recipient of beatings courtesy of his father and was forced to live outdoors where he often times slept in trees.

Growing up he was known as ‘stinky‘ because he had a sore foot and both his feet had such a foul odour that doctors recommended amputation.

His condition required him to visit the clinic three days per week to receive dressings for the sores on his feet which greatly affected his schooling and social relations.

As a result he did not have many friends. He jokingly stated during an interview on Ian Boyne’s Profile that “No girl nuh waan hang out with no stinking foot guy“.

The pain he felt in his feet was so excruciating in fact that he forged his father’s signature after he refused to sign the documents to have his legs amputated.


During the time leading up to his scheduled date for amputation his grandmother contacted a local pastor who organized seven churches to fast and pray for him.

The pastor also told him miracles can happen and encouraged him to make a commitment to God. Arthur promised God that if he was healed he would help people across the world.

It was just that simple

According to Arthur after making that promise “It was just that simple“.

Four weeks after the prayers and  his commitment were made, Arthur removed a bandage from his leg while he sat under a mango tree. He saw a ‘little black thing’ protruding from his leg and later discovered it was a worm.

Arthur managed to pull the worm out of his leg and with the assistance of a neighbour who provided pills and instructions to treat the legs, his legs were healed in the space of two months.

picture video homeless Jamaican boy man engineer at Boeing Japan Arthur Richards name
Arthur Richards – Screenshot from Profile via televisionjamaica.com

He later migrated to the United States at the age of 16 where he earned  a scholarship to Tel Aviv University to pursue journalism. While working in media  in the United States he met an engineer from Eastern Airlines.

That meeting motivated him to become qualified in the profession. Arthur now has an intimate understanding of various aircraft. He can both fly and perform intricate repairs on airplanes.  

He has managed to build an impressive resume since leaving Jamaica. Arthur has worked on  “sensitive” satellite launches for the US government and was a part of the team that worked on the Discovery shuttle.


He also worked in Spain, Israel, France and several other countries before landing a job as a Chief Quality Engineer for Boeing in Japan.

His story is definitely living proof that with hard work and perseverance we can elevate ourselves from unfortunate situations. 

Source: Television Jamaica

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[…] he forged his father’s signature after he refused to sign the documents to have his legs amputated….. Continue […]

Arlene Lindo
8 years ago

With God all things are possible.

Donna Doran
8 years ago

Very impressive. Wishing him more blessings in the future.

Christoph Archibald
8 years ago


Winston Buckley
8 years ago

if he had stayed in Jamaica , ntn would have happened for him .

Arlene Lee
8 years ago

Jesus our healer and our king.

Nellian Hutton-Rose
8 years ago

I can do all things through Christ……

Douglas Taylor
8 years ago

wonder how his father feel now of his achievements, wonder if he would think the boy should be maintaining him now, he must be holding down his head in shame, out of evil always come good, so proud of the young man, as the saying goes u can if u think u can

Venise Doran-Williams
8 years ago

This is a very inspirational story , one that reminds us that through Christ all things are possible .Trust in the Lord and work hard and missions can be accomplished .

Jeanette Bent
8 years ago

Pledge to God , brought about his healing God bless.

Deloris Reid
8 years ago

Hope he keeps his commitment and promise to God. He is the God of what seem impossible.

Ricardo James
8 years ago

AMAZING.. God Is Good

Dawn Morgan
8 years ago

This is a very inspiring story. While there is life there is hope! there is nothing that God cannot do!

Grace Carr Benjamin
8 years ago

You are a true inspiration.

Marcia Brown
8 years ago

Well done, v moving life story.

Mwesimbu SKY Bangi
Mwesimbu SKY Bangi
4 years ago
Reply to  Marcia Brown

Wow! Very inspiring! Very motivated to motivate!

Yvonne Wilson
8 years ago

The Lord was in charge and I am so happy to see the out come, this what you called bless.

Jedidiah Feliciano Thorpe

Wow!!…. JESUS is REAL AMEN!!!

Shanique Robinson
8 years ago

HE did it again….

Lascelles Clarke
8 years ago

..this is the tenacity and enduring abilities of us JAMAICANS!

Yedidah Yehudah
8 years ago

Let me add the POWER of GOD, The Creator and the POWER of PRAYER .

Joy Walker
8 years ago

amen make me be on too lord

Nordia Bideau
8 years ago

To god be the glory

Nicola Barnes-morris
8 years ago

From a man nu dead nu call him duppy,god always have a plan for us, the sky is the limit

Miracle Leckbeck
8 years ago

Impressive!… Don’t turn your back on the one who saw you through.

Sandious Richardson
8 years ago

There is a miracle in trusting and believing in God.

Patricia Richards
8 years ago

He could be from a long line of engineers .
My husband name is Renford Richards he’s also an engineer , there might be related .

Clayton Williams
8 years ago

With God all things are possible

Judith Nicely
8 years ago

All things are possible only believe. There is nothing
impossible for God

New Yute
8 years ago


Tameika Bryan
8 years ago

God is good all the time. This story is a real inspiration that through hard work and God in the vessel we can overcome. May God continue to bless him

Karla Evans
8 years ago

When God has a plan for his children no Man, Woman, Creature, Bad Spirit or Evil Forces can stop or block its Manifestation. Sometimes we have to be dragged over “Hot Coal” to strengthen our resilience, increase our Faith that in turn will mature into Humility to Embrace the Bounty that God will shower on us. We are all blessed but because we are flesh we doubt God. I’m happy he came through “di fyah” and can stand triumphantly to give his testimony. I also hope his father is Alive! To Mr. Richards: I hope you keep your Commitment to… Read more »

Brandi Snyder-White
8 years ago

Patrick Fletcher did you skip over that partof the storythat his grandma organized some churches to fast and pray and that he himself believed that God can heal him and he did case in point but you go right along ahead and do what you do and try to be discouraging and we going to go ahead and do what we do and keep on rejoice thing and all the victories you are already crushed! Arlene Lindo you are correct my dear!! We can do all things through Christ whom strengthens us!! To God Be the Glory!! Nothing like a… Read more »

Sky Isthelimit
8 years ago

Kirk it was absolutely a pleasure to meet you here in the USA. I didn’t know your story as a child, but what I do know you were always destined for higher heights. I’m so proud of you my friend, keep up the good work. Your everlasting Vivienne.

Dione Wint
8 years ago

when God says yes, nobody cant say no, and when God says no, nobody cant say yes… so to the person who believed God has nothing to do with Mr. Arthur’s blessings needs to know his not what you say, is what God decreed. please read the book of Proverbs it speaks about Wisdom and education.

Maurice Mckenzie
8 years ago

Would’ve been an inspirational story if white Jesus was not credited with saving the negro. By reading the comments to this article, I believe Willie Lynch was wrong. It will take more than a thousand years for the negro to regain his righteous mind. Childish superstition can only harm us in this modern world..

Vanissa Prince
8 years ago

My God is real yes he is the devil is a liar

Gina K. Tomlinson-Williams

Really inspiring story, proud of his determination and Faith. Is it so difficult though to respect other persons’ thoughts and religion? You are entitled to your opinion, of course – as we all are – but does it have to be dripping with hatred and poison? Clean up your thoughts people…hate to see your life if that’s what your thoughts are like on a regular basis…Love you all the same, we are all ONE.

Maizie English
8 years ago

He says we are to seek Him and everything else will fall into place. A wonderful story of God’s blessings.

Lance Alexander
8 years ago

All I can say is amen.

Venetia Darling-Thompson

i liked it

Delroy Day
8 years ago

The resilience of the human spirit and the divine guidance from Almighty God continues to propel mankind to higher highest and making the once seemingly impossible, possible. God is forever great and his glory from everlasting to everlasting.

Steve G Meikle
8 years ago

The mind is a powerful thing.

Beulah Smith
8 years ago

Proud born son of d Jamaican soil. Very motivating story. God blesses n keep u steadfast as u excel

Sheldon Bonner
8 years ago

Prayer, hard work, dedication and just believing in yourself can bring you a far way. I am extremely happy that his legs were not amputated because most of his achievements would be hindered. Congratulations Authur, you have inspired many known and unknown to you with your life story.

Michelle Hamilton
8 years ago

god answer all prayer if you lonely believe a
nd have faith

Michelle Pink
8 years ago

This is so wonderful to read, so wonderful to know he received healing and he has lifted his above everything persevered. To God be the glory!!!

Karen Daniels
8 years ago

What happened to the promise to God? How is he helping others? The article only talks about his promotion. I hope he is full filling his promise or else the door is left open for the enemy to bring him down!

Tamara Gongasingh
8 years ago

With christ in the midst u can smile at the storm

Rhohan McGawn
8 years ago

Is it mere coincidence that he suffered great pain until the pastor and seven “churches” prayed for his healing an him making a promise to God?

Christopher Storer
8 years ago

very encouraging