Love Affair 2014

Have you chosen which path to go in life?
Don’t worry it isn’t a difficult question or is it?
The love affair strengthened in 2014 
As Digicel and Lime continued to fight for our hearts
Thousands switching and call rates fluctuating
Many remained loyal while others fell victim to the attractiveness of free calls
No matter where you turned you felt the heat and passion of the Lime and Digicel brawl
Five to ten messages each day, is it love or obsession?
Our hearts lay in a limbo as we chose our path 
Annoyance on one and heartbreak on the other
This love affair is clearly like no other.

poem about child abuse encouraging children to speak about itPNP and JLP continued to state their claims
Both promising and pleading for a dedicated relationship
The gold diggers who found love with the PNP for promises of wealth and elevated statuses 
Quickly abandoned ship when the waves got rocky and the dollar slipped 
Many were heard complaining about the commitment to the IMF
Some stood firm accepting the threesome way of life
Others felt the competition was too much and found a new love interest in the JLP 
What a constant mixup in the love affair of Jamaican politics
Is your heart beating for orange or is it beating for green?
Sweet talk and sweet promises makes this love affair a continued battle

2015 may give us answers in this continuing love affair of Jamaican politics.

Is your house on solid land?
This reminds me of the love affair between the NHT and the government 
If you are seeking an example of a bond so strong take a page out of the love story of the NHT and the  government
Questions are still being asked about what went wrong but the wife stands still and dares you to wave your hand
She will not be moved as she defends the affair 
The story continues as the trust remains ever so strong
Will the five man board still stand?

Only time will tell what will happen next in the love affair sweeping over our land

By Saccheen Laing

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