An Open Letter to the Prime Minister – Leading by Example

Seasons greetings to you Madam Prime Minister.

Seeing that the IMF is suggesting another WAGE FREEZE for Jamaicans and seeing how PROUD your Minister of Finance and your entire cabinet are of passing all the tests given by the IMF, it would make a lot of sense if your entire CABINET and yourself be the ones to take a cut in pay.

After all hundreds of sugar workers are going to be without a job for the New Year.

Add that to those who worked with NESTLE and will no longer have a job since the company will stop producing MILO locally.


If you also add to that the already jobless JAMAICANS, common sense would dictate that the ones who should be taking a PAY CUT are  yourself and your entire cabinet.

Prime Minister should take a pay cut too
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You should not have an issue with that.

In doing so you will truly show the POOR AND DISENFRANCHISED JAMAICANS how much you really do care for the them.

You have said it so many times and here you finally have the opportunity to prove it.

What better way to prove to the masses who cry ‘HAIL MAMA P; that you really care than to lead by example?

And after getting an A in all those TESTS by the IMF, surely yourself and your ministers should have no problem being the first to STEP IT UP in this new endeavor, –  after all GOOD LEADERS do lead by example, right?

I know that yourself and your members of parliament are accustomed to a certain lifestyle.


You said so yourself  during the saga of the NEW VEHICLES that were issued to your ministers during your INCEPTION as QUEEN of the little place on the rock.

But in these trying times when you are willing to ask every Jamaican to bear with the government and understand that things are hard every where and on everyone, surely you should have no problem leading the way on this one.

So I URGE you Madam Prime Minister to set the tone for the New Year and prove to the people of Jamaica that you really care.

Yours truly Michelle Bradshaw

Petition requesting the Prime Minister to take a Pay Cut

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