How do we stop people from Killing each other?

Atrocious acts from around the world make headline news. Jamaica has one of the highest murder rates per capita. The need for peace is greater now.

The cause for change in how we treat human life is paramount. How do we stop people from killing each other?

How can you stop people from killing each other?

Jamaicans complain that the means of crime fighting utilized is ineffective. Our crime fighting tactics are somewhat outdated but the key question we should be asking ourselves is how do we stop people from killing each other?


A man killed over a hundred dollars? It is clear that one of the catalysts for murder is unresolved issues. We need more effective ways of handling our disputes. We need to find more civil ways of resolving our conflicts with others. People should not have to die because of a disagreement, misunderstanding or malicious feeling.

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A couple viral videos portraying violence in Jamaica evince one of the central problems we have when it comes to how we try to reconcile conflicts in our community. People find amusement in quarrels. Community members stand aside and watch quarrels escalate because people are too busy enjoying themselves until a weapon comes into play, then they intervene, people wait until the situation takes a turn for the worse before they mediate.

If someone dies then the offender or their families plea leniency when they in some cases stood by during the dispute with indifference. No one cares until someone dies. How do we stop people from hurting each other? How do we find better ways to minimize violent reactions in our everyday confrontations.

Social experts advocate for better socialization tactics. They believe that helping our society lies in the way in which we raise our children. People say that dysfunctional families are not responsible for breeding menaces to society but it is questionable that most menaces to society are from similar economical and familial situations.

It is remarkable the psycho-dynamics that determine the futuristic choices of two boys growing up in a similar economical context. One becomes a hardworking, family man, the other a nuisance to his community. What tactics did the parents of the former employ in order to gain a different result in that child? Perhaps criminality is not a matter of socialization but that of choice.

Some will argue that if you place this person in a position of advantage they will commit heinous acts for it is a matter of personal choice and not so much their upbringing. One would say that improving their access to opportunities to improve their subsistence will deter them from crime. We need to implement alternative tactics than the ones we are using. We have spent far too long putting a twenty dollar bandaid over a big “ole” festering wound.

We want the killings to stop but how do we stop people from killing each other? How do we make a move towards peace? How do we encourage healthy relationships and pacific approaches to conflicts among each other? People will have disagreements, sometimes parties feel offended, How do we get persons to refrain from resorting to the extreme when conflict arises?


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