Tone Deaf Government

So suddenly the PNP realize that they have a communication problem.

Yet, the disconnect between them and the Jamaican people is evidenced in their arrogant discourse.

Mrs. Simpson-Miller led the charge by proclaiming “I don’t watch the news”.

This revelation explains her unwillingness to give one on one interviews or even hold a press conference.


Indeed, one of the first acts of her office was to scrap Jamaica House Live while scoffing that she wasn’t planning to “talk her way out of power”.

The government also seems surprised by the people’s reluctance to pay higher taxes, endure further wage freezes and tolerate devaluation.

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This though might have much to do with the Omar Davies’ response to them taking a pay cut.

Dr. Davies poured scorn on the idea calling it “optics” and opined that it would yield no benefit.

Mrs. Simpson-Miller added her personal touch by stating that her ministers “deserve” the 60 million worth of SUVs and first class travel.

But what do Jamaicans deserve? We are reduced to waiting for fourteen hours in a hospital, only to die on the waiting room floor.

Meanwhile the government ministers seek medical attention overseas. We must foot the cost of government officials traveling in splendor to spurious gatherings with large entourages.


While we pay high transportation costs on smoking, leaky buses.

All this, and our Prime Minister won’t even spare us the time of day.

Jamaica has become the modern day Animal Farm, complete with the idea that “all men are equal but some men are more equal than others.”

The people have suffered for long with the contemptuous glares of their Members if Parliament and the disdainful silence of their “queen.”

The question is for how long?

The recent Johnson poll is an indicator of the mood and thoughts of the people. One wonders about the possible action to which these will be translated.

Written by Arlene Graham

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Janet Margaret Davis
8 years ago

It’s common knowledge that if you do good, you reap the rewards. I feel the PNP are reaping the rewards before they’ve done ANYTHING good……this is a slight miscalculation on their part…. and as for Mrs Simpson-Miller not “watching the news”….how does she expect to know the Jamaican people, their needs and their sufferings without watching everyday news about them? The Prime Minister is misguided, misled and uninformed. Is she really suitable for her role as Prime Minister?

George Bond
8 years ago

yes I think the author pretty much covered it….a government insulated from its people by distain and false promises and contempt but come election time and the handouts and enforcers will be out on the streets in numbers….the very media that is shunned by the politicians will be taken over for party political bollox every night for them to spew their lies and promises……at some point the blame game/dirty politics will creep in and the old brigade,the likes of shaw,henry,davies,Portia etc will crank out the same old rhetoric that has put this island into the state its in…ie,..failed…….x

Dave Clarke
8 years ago

“I don’t watch the news”. Such a statement Speaks volumes of the proclaimer. What a shame. One of the reasons why my city (Virginia Beach) is almost always in the top ten of USA cities because of Communication. the Mayor even has his own facebook page that he monitors personally. He is very responsive with detailed answers and rapid replies to the concerns of the citizens. But this is not about Virginia. As a man who loves Jamaica, I am one of millions who now reside outside of Jamaica and we, all of us, do watch closely the leadership of… Read more »

Angela Thornton
8 years ago

Had there ever been a Government that people are satisfied with?

Dameon Brown
8 years ago

Amen mu brother u said it all…