The Dilemma of Jamaican Politics

Watching what is taking place as it relates to some Jamaicans and POLITICS  makes me sick to my stomach.

Here we have citizens dying in hospital waiting rooms, a health minister denying that there is an EPIDEMIC, a grossly devalued dollar, and a host of other ‘hell like’ issues being faced in the country. 

Despite this, instead of banding together as one, the divide among the people is now even WIDER because election fever is in the air and suddenly the Party that one is affiliated with is now the best party to lead.

See those who are LABOURITES jump around over one STUPID POLL and act as if a poll in and of itself can fix Jamaica.

See the COMREDS crying Joshua and Portia try to defend the indefensible, and somewhere in the middle the REALITY of the MESS that the country is in seems to be lost to every one.

Suddenly Andrew Holness is once again the MESSIAH, and if the JLP wins the next election, manna will be falling from heaven, and water will be changed into wine.

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While on the other side Portia will continue to be queen, and the people of the land will continue to listen to her PONTIFICATE, and say to themselves, “THE QUEEN HAS ONCE AGAIN SPOKEN, AND ALL IS WELL“.

And should the elections be called tomorrow, the cry will be either SHOWER or POWER, and not about JUSTICE, HUMAN and EQUAL RIGHTS for the JAMAICANS, and the cycle of blaming the other party will once again continue, and history will continue to repeat itself.

Once again at what point do JAMAICANS stop to understand why they vote and what their votes mean?

Do we vote because we want better or do we vote on the basis of making sure that the party we favor is the one in POWER?

There is a HUGE difference between the two, and our history has shown that many of us have yet to really figure it out.

The people of Jamaica have the power to change things, but sadly POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS are so strong and add that to the SLAVERY MENTALITY and lack of thinking and foresight, many of us have yet to really figure out just how powerful we really are as a people.

The sad thing is many of us make the same mistakes over and over and then turn around and wait on GOD to fix it, because our faith is strong that it will move mountains and make politicians see the light. SERIOUSLY?

I would like to remind all of us that GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELPS THEMSELVES, and as much as he is a MIRACLE WORKER, he is not a magician that will simply wave his wand and make things better because we continue to make a mess of who we are.

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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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