More reports emerge of Jamaicans being held in inhospitable conditions in Trinidad

According to a report by Irie FM,the government says another set of Jamaicans was denied entry into Trinidad and Tobago and detained in uncomfortable and inhospitable conditions pending their return to Jamaica.

 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade in a release yesterday afternoon (September 7) said it received formal complaints from one Jamaican national about the matter.

However, there are other reports that thirteen Jamaicans were denied entry into the twin island republic.

The ministry says the Jamaican High Commission in Port-of-Spain  brought the matter formally to the attention of the authorities in Trinidad and has requested a report on the situation and circumstances surrounding the alleged events.

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In expressing serious concern at the reported events, Foreign Affairs Minister AJ Nicholson said he expects the Trinidad government  will respect and implement in good faith the commitments that it has assumed in the context of the bilateral consultations on hassle-free travel.

Senator Nicholson contacted his Trinidadian counterpart Winston Dookeran yesterday on the matter.

Mr Nicholson says  he reminded Mr Dookeran of the commitments assumed by both sides in the context of the bilateral consultations held in December 2013 and June 2014.

Minister Dookeran said that he had requested a report from the Ministry of National Security with a view to making a statement on the matter. Minister Nicholson adds  that other Jamaicans should make a formal report to the ministry as a matter of urgency so that the facts can be established and the appropriate action be taken with the government concerned.

Source: Irie FM

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