Junior Minister Arnaldo Brown racks up million dollar Phone Bill

The government of Jamaica doesn’t appear to be cutting any corners when it comes to paying phone bills for Cabinet Ministers and their juniors.

In a recent report by RJR News, the shocking cell phone bill totals for several ministers were revealed.

The information was obtained via the Access to Information legislation.

Junior Minister Arnaldo Brown’s bill was the highest at $1.09 million for a twelve month period.


His bill for the month of June only was a whopping $410,000.

Below are the reported mobile bills (between July 2013 and this year) for some of the Ministers.

Junior Minister for Foreign Affairs, Arnaldo Brown- $1,090,000

Arnaldo Brown 410 000 million dollar phone bill
Junior Minister Arnaldo Brown – Image Source:

Energy Minister, Phillip Paulwell: $930,000 (with two cell phones).

Junior Minister for Energy, Julian Robinson: $76,000

Minister of Health, Dr Fenton Ferguson: $749,000

Minister of Water, Robert Pickersgill: $791,000


Junior Minister Ian Hayles- $110,000

Tourism Minister Wykeham McNeill – $500,000

Junior Minister for Tourism Damion Crawford: $364,000

Minister of Local Government, Noel Arscott: $289,000

Minister of Foreign Affairs, AJ Nicholson: $230,000

Minister of State for Local Government, Colin Fagan: $200,000 (ten months)

Minister of Youth and Culture, Lisa Hanna: $45,000

Minister of Justice, Mark Golding: No Government phone

Minister of National Security,Peter Bunting: $32,000


Is too much money being spent to pay the phone bills for our ministers? Let us know in the comments.

Source: RJR News

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Download The Jamaican Blogs™ App for your Android device: HERE

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