Missa Williams, Don’t be a Political Cow


Good day Missa Williams

My name is Puncie Eulalee Wedderburn. Most people call me Aunt Puncie. Let me first congratulate you sar on your new position. Really don’t know why yu even badda fi want this job but me can understan de circumstances as anything in this country is betta than nuttin, so when yu run and grab up di lille wuk mi understan, trust me. A whole heap a wi lef outta door and cant fine nutten yet sar. Mi know a no yu response for jabs but if you can use your likkle affice mi wud appreciate any likkle ting.

But a no jabs me a write yu bout. A whole heap a tings a gwan inna the force and I want yu fi know what a gwan as yu is a new man in town.


Now let me get to the meat a de matta. What me want to tell yu sar is onkle for your ears only, so no badda show de rest a yu officers dem mi letta. It is private, for yu and confidential sar.

Firstly , Missa Williams yu need money fi run dis force. Seriously, you fi ask fi money and nuff money to. How dem hexpec yu to solve crime and them a give u basket fi carry wata? Ask fi di money! Dem get whole heap di other day from de Hi M Hef so dem can afford it. Mi no haffi tell yu what u need de money for, yu know. But de last big boss seems like him did fraid to ask, that is why he couldn’t get rat outta hole. Memba me told yu. Yu need money so hask for it.

advice to Carl Williams commissioner of police Jamaica
New Top Cop

Okay sar, so how come yu jail dem no have madern facilities like spy camera inna dem fi see wha dey gwan? Missa Williams yu fi madernize de force. A 2014 we inna and de criminal dem smarta than the police affica dem. So clean house and put camera inna de jail dem sar. No mek dem know say yu a watch dem inna de cell. but if yu did have camera maybe u force wud not be in such a preke over de Dean case. Put yu foot down sar, madernize de force. And talking bout madernizing yu need to make every babylon, sorry police car have video on de car dem so yu can see how dem a talk to people. Missa Williams dem no have no manners and dem talk to people like dem no count yu. So video tape them so dem can neva say we a lie pon dem.

Now Missa Wiliams, here is another burnin issue. Why dem have so much police inna office or pon de road a give out ticket and not patrollin de communities dem sar? How you expect dem fi get people trus if dem a fariner inna de community? No baddy no see police till tings a gwan inna de community and when dem come them gwan babba dan de bad man dem. No sah, it haffi stap. Get dem in de community. Get dem to talk to de people dem. let dem built trus. People no wan see police when bad tings tun up. Dem wan see police when tings a run good.

Okay sar numba 3. Okay yu tink yu can memba fi tell de police dem that it is better to leave people alone for a likkle spliff than lock dem up because yu no have no whe fi put dem. Missa Williams de people dem TIEERED a dis. Dem a pressa de people dem ova one likkle spliff! That a chuppidness. One likkle spliff? No sar no waste yu time pan dat. Yu have bigga fish fi ketch inna de bowl . Pressa de politician dem pon dat an tell them yu nat goin dweet so no babba expec your police dem fi lock up anybody fi a spliff. Time yu a lock up one a we fi spliff, the criminal a get way with a whole heap a badniss and your police neva seem to be able to catch them. Dem always escaping in nearby bushes. Tell them fi go inna the bush and catch them if a so it go.

Numba 4. Why when yu call de police dem fi turn off loud music dem neva dweet? Missa Williams de law say loud music fi stop at 1 but all 3 a clack de music loud loud , you call the police, dem tell you dem a go tun off de music an all 5 o clack de music still a bug-gu-bug-gu inna u ears. If de police no respec de law den how u expec we fi respect it? Dem have it to say a the police a put on the dance so who govern the police Missa Williams? Look into it me a beg yu. Me can’t sleep a nite time.

Numba 5 and a hope yu not gettin tired sar a whole heap a tings mi have to get off mi chest but de people dem TIEERED a it sar. Okay. Police fi show dem ID. Dem always come a yu yawd and no body no show no ID. How we fi know say dem a police? Any baddy can call dem self police and when yu ask dem fi ID dem want tell yu fi shut yu mouth like we no know betta. And anather ting, them neva say good evening or good mawning. Dem just buss down yu door and barge in pon yu like a criminal. No little brawtupsie. Chow man. Howdy an’ tenk yu, noh brok no square.


Numba 6. Sometimes when u ask de police fi come to a scene dem tell you say dem no have no car there. Misss Williams a wha kind a jokey jokey business dat sar? How dem no have no car or no baddy fi come to a scene of a crime or hackcident? Missa Williams you see why yu need money sar?

Numba 7. Seems like your officers dem need a lesson on how to hinvestigate crimes . Too much time when dem go a court de judge throw out de case cause a lack of hevidence. You have fi train dem sar. Too much criminal a get way and de people dem TIEERED a it, sar, dem TIEERED.

Numba 8. Ok I come from St. Ann and dem bruk inna mi house and dem tief my son passport. That was in June 2011. Him give them a statement to one detective at Prospect Station. Him tell we say we will get the letta fi get back the passport in 3 days. Missa Williams we wait , we wait can’t done. We call, and call , ask fi the police, we never did hear back from him. Unno force need custama service bad bad. Mi say we no hear back from nobady so we go down back to the station.

Dem say we need to give anader statement to anader policeman as cording to him, him say he was the correct person we must deal with. So me ask him if the other one we deal wid a duppy? We told him say the first statement was there already, but him insis we give him anader one. Missa Williams to cut the story short, a January 2012 we get the letta. The rabbery happen June 2011. Missa Williams a dem tings a gwan inna yu force. We tieered sar, me nah tell yu no lie. Dem tek we fi idiat.

Numba 9. Ok so we get to undastan that police is here to protect and serve. But Missa Williams no laugh when me tell you dis but me neighbor daughta went to Westwood to collect her sista and frends. Dem get a flat on the way back pon the dark Stewart Town Road. Dem see a police car, flag it down and ask dem to just stay wid them , seeing that dem a woman while them change the tire. Mssa Williams yu know say yu police refuse sar? The police hou-man inna the car say to her to “move an gweh” and drive off. Now I put it to yu sar? Is that protect an serve?

Numba 10. Me son go to Ocho Rios station to complain because the police always a stop him fi nuttin, like him a criminal an dem neva a give him hany explanation. When him go complain them tell him say him lucky, him should a glad dem neva plant or find anything pon him. Missa Williams yu see why people no trus yu offica dem? Yu work cut out fi yu. Me no henvy yu.

Mi ago dun now sar but one last thing. At the nice nce ceremony me did see all a de politician dem a ask you fi solve crime but de crime start from the tap and it trickle down to de bottom. Bad man no have no sense fi go start crime. Him have a leada and most time dem a de palitician dem. So wha me a ask yu sar is that when yu hinvestigate a crime, start from de tap. Start from de tap and if yu see it lead to any palitician, LACK DEM UP!

Some a dem corrupt and when yu can lock up a palitician the people will give yu maximum respect and will love yu like cook food. When yu a hinvestigate any crime sar, start from the root a de prablem, no jus terrorize poor people alone. A no dem alone inna it.Yu shake man han’,yu noh shake him heart. Don’t just cut off the leaf, cut de root and yu will truly solve de crime. But if yu a go tek political instructions from de politicians, yu a go be just like de rest a dem, just a political cow left out a de pasture fi feed.

All the best Missa Williams. Hope you tek heed. Ole people say peppa bu’n hot, but it good fi curry. Hope yu understand Missa Williams. You a Jamaican like de whole a we. And if yu don’t’ undastand , go ask yu grand madda..



Aunt Puncie.

Written by Paul Tomlinson

Check out his website HERE

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