Jamaican born footballer to earn Mammoth salary of over 18 million per week!

According to a report from Irie FM, a bid to stave off interest from Real Madrid Liverpool has resulted in discussions with Jamaican born winger 19 year old Raheem Sterling to formulate a new contract which could see him earn over 18 million Jamaican dollars per week.

The England international who hails from Marverly has been in outstanding form over the best part of 12 months, and has been linked with a move to the European champions this week.

Raheem Sterling - Source: sports.ndtv.com
Raheem Sterling – Source: sports.ndtv.com

Liverpool are seemingly desperate to hang onto one of their most prized assets, and are set to offer a staggering contract worth £100,000 a week in order to keep him at the club.

On March 24 2012, Sterling made his senior Liverpool debut as a substitute in a league match against  Wigan at the age of 17 years and 107 days, becoming the second-youngest player ever to play for the club in the process.


Brendan Rodgers has helped Sterling develop into one of the most exciting young talents in the world and wants him to continue his development at Anfield.

His profile continues to rise however, for country as well as club.

Source: Irie FM

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Lyndon Ali Lee
7 years ago

Sterling jus gwan do ur thing youth

Sharon Campbell
7 years ago

That’s awesome…#striveforgreatness

Sharon Campbell
7 years ago

That’s awesome…#striveforgreatness

Dave Clarke
7 years ago

I am so very, very pleased. I am extremely happy for him. This, by the way, is why football (soccer) and Track and field are so attractive. NO expensive equipment required just guts, more guts, determination, discipline and and lots and lots of practice. (Come to think of it, it is the same formulae for success no matter what one chose to do).

Stewart Spencer
7 years ago

Good to hear and happy for Raheem but the opening paragraph that seems to have been written by the Blogger is so poorly written. If you are going to try your hand at journalism, you need to do better than that.

Yvonne Kimbrel
7 years ago

Great job, continue to use your God given tallent.

Icyleta Lynch
7 years ago

Go guy the Lord is with you all the way. but remember don’t forget God in all your doings, He is first and last in everything you do. big up u self.

Dewey Reid
7 years ago

sterling to earn big STERLINGS.INVEST IT WISELY

Michaelstayoung Thompson NO Teens

do road…………………

Michaelstayoung Thompson NO Teens

do road…………………

Easton Vernon
7 years ago

One more Jamaican made it, Big up my youth!

Intriket Unruly Drewishstreet Dscent

Respect baller astronaut can’t define your level Gwan buck di scale tr888

Carolyn Collins
7 years ago

Sterling continue to put god first, stay focused and never stop practicing, practicing,practicing remember practicing becomes perfect. God bless you.

Kevin Reece
7 years ago

Real youth real money go and get it that`s what hard
work brings.

Nathan E. Bernard
6 years ago

Why do they quote his pay in Jamaican dollars?…that’s insulting. Quote it in US, or £…