Confirmed Ebola case in the US has many Jamaicans worried

On Tuesday (September 30) health officials confirmed that a patient undergoing treatment at a hospital in Dallas Texas has the deadly Ebola virus.

This patient is now the first person to be diagnosed outside of Africa.

According to The Guardian, the patient, who has not yet been identified, is being treated in Dallas, Texas.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said the patient left Liberia in west Africa on 19 September, but did not develop symptoms until a few days after arriving in the US. He was admitted to the Texas Health Presbyterian hospital in Dallas on Sunday.


Thomas Frieden, the director of the CDC, said the patient was being treated in strict isolation, and that all measures would be taken to ensure that the disease would not spread in the US. 

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Following this announcement, many Jamaicans have taken to social media platforms and various websites to voice their concerns.

A few of their comments included:

“Jeeezas save wi please nuh mek dis reach a yaad wi caaan manage”

“Jamaica is totally unprepared to manage a deadly virus like this”

“I pray this nasty killer never makes its way to Jamaica’s island atmosphere”

“US. Hope it’s not Jamaica next. We couldn’t handle it. We need to pray that it doesn’t reach us.”

In recent days there have been rumours circulating around Jamaica that the virus has already reached the island but it is being kept “hush hush”.

How scared are you of Ebola reaching Jamaica? Let us know in the comments.

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