‘A writer must write every day.’

Even if he/she has nothing particular to say.


You know how hard that is?

Can be like that dreaded pop quiz.



You’re gonna have to find the time.

And it doesn’t always have to rhyme.


Sometimes a blank page can intimidate

Just watching the cursor bink, like it’s saying ‘WAIT”.


Remember when Jamaica was nice?Then you get to a point where you can’t move on.

The idea you had in your head is gone.


Your mind just went blank,


Like being hit by an army tank.


The words just vanish,

And what’s left looks like Spanish.


Then sometimes it runs smooth like satin.

Finally English, where there was Latin.


Then you have to make the words flow,

So when you’re done, to all you can show.


Then to find a good ending

You can’t go on forever ascending



So here’s me taking my own advice.

Ending this poem before it reach the skies.

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