A Conflict of Value and Colour

Author - Ramesh Sujanani
Author – Ramesh Sujanani

There is no doubt in my mind that our adolescent children are ignorant of sexual matters, male and female, homosexual and lesbian, and how these characteristics affect the lives of their offspring. I can recall as a child, my parents said nothing to me; my older brother by ten years gave me an informed talk and a book to read.

So when I understood that Dr. Gomes’ organization JFJ produced a book that was explanatory to adolescent children, I was pleased that the matter was now being efficiently handled. Dr. Carolyn Gomes is an outstanding paediatrician, and has more kudos in this area than anyone I know. She became tired of medicine and decided to create a career in social life, which she did firstly by becoming Jamaica’s representative of Amnesty International.

Then she headed the organization ‘’Jamaicans for Justice’’, when she considered the killing of many criminals in full or partial detention, and suggested that these killings were not legal because the Police had then become, captor, counsel, judge, and executioner. The rationale of this move is still being debated among our citizens, almost every day.

I had no idea that a sex manual was being distributed among our adolescent children. Having said that, we as a school and a country, notice serious sexual problems among our young adults, easily from the age of ten. Teenage pregnancy, rape, homosexual tendencies and activities, sexual behaviour in public places, have become rife. I am not sure what plans the Government and the Minister(s) had prepared for dealing with these felonies, but all I could discern was chat, and more ,delay and inaction was in progress, as is the situation in every aspect of this country’s progress (or lack of). So what would have happened is that this problem would continue to fester, like an old sore.

Left Dr. Brendan Baine || Right - Dr. Carolyn Gomes
Left Dr. Brendan Baine || Right – Dr. Carolyn Gomes

Dr. Gomes having seen the developments in the rest of the Caribbean decided to proceed with a programme, which she would review from time to time. Right or wrong, she made a decision with her own responsibility (My conclusion).
Then I need to comment about the Prof Bain’s matter, where the Prof gave his opinion about the matter of buggery being an unpleasant medical act, with infections and injury as a possible side effect, and the input of HIV virus. This was accepted in a Court of Law. Prof Bain is an outstanding scholar, and fully aware with his subjects and specialities, and I believe quite capable of defending himself.

The two physicians did what they thought was in the best interest of their country, and both are being castigated. That is my interpretation:
I do notice the strong support in the case of Dr. Bain, and the call to the GG to strip Dr. Gomes of her meritorious award. Dr. Gomes was formerly a Thwaites, which is one of Jamaica’s oldest families, and I believe a descendant of George William Gordon. Now I understand that Prof Bains comes from Vancouver, B. C., Canada that is the most positive source I have at this time.

So what would be a reason to support Bain’s, and not Gomes?Among reasons, each cause is the same, the persons are two outstanding medical professionals, with ties to the Caribbean; each did what they felt was necessary in a sexually sensitive environment; yet one is praised highly, and the other castigated by her peers. Could the difference be their colour?

What else would there be? This is where our society’s preference is given to race and colour, and not to truth, fact, and fairness.

Written by Ramesh Sujanani

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