Flexi-work Bill passed by Parliament

According to a report by RJR News, the Jamaican House of Representatives on Tuesday (September 23) passed the Employment (Flexi Work Arrangements) Miscellaneous Provisions Act.

This came 18 years after the legislative process began.

Flexi work arrangement is expected to allow employers and employees greater flexibility in structuring the 40 hour work week.

During the debate in the House, Labour Minister Derrick Kellier announced that there will be an intensive public education programme to properly inform workers and employers on the implications of the law.

what is Flexi Work Bill Jamaica
Labour Minister Derrick Kellier – Source

Pearnel Charles, Opposition Spokesman on Labour, called for a one-year moratorium before flexi work week arrangements are adopted.

He cited circumstances in which an employer might need time adjust the work schedule to accommodate the changes mandated by the law.

Mr. Charles said there must also be consideration for days of worship. 

The Bill indicates that all seven days of the week should be considered possible work days, a provision that didn’t sit well with Seventh Day Adventists and other church leaders.

It will now go to the Senate for debate and passage by that chamber of Parliament.

Source: RJR News

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