The Death of Mario Deane leaves more Questions than Answers

It is amazing that the President of the United States of America can offer his condolences to the family of the young man that was recently shot and killed in Missouri by the police, and the prime Minister of Jamaica has yet to offer hers on the cold bloodied murder of Mario Deane, but then a gain there is a HUGE difference between a real leader, and one who has yet to figure out what LEADERSHIP means.

What is even more appalling however is the fact that we are so divided as a people, that instead of pulling together as one, some prefer to use politics as a distraction from the real issue, which is the ABUSE by those who are there to PROTECT and SERVE.

It is amazing how as Jamaicans we can forget about Partisan Politics when Bolt wins a race, or Tessanne wins a contest, but to pull together for a CAUSE that AFFECTS every single Jamaican is like pulling teeth. Those whom have dared to take up the challenge in seeking justice for Mario Deane have come under severe attack from all corners, and are accused of using the MURDER of Mario to gain POLITICAL FOOTING. How sad?

Instead of putting all our voices together as JAMAICANS, with the understanding the issue of police abuse has been going on for too long and needs to STOP, some of us prefer to MAJOR in the NEGATIVE, because that is who they are.

pictures of Mario Deane
Young Mario Deane in uniform

This is why as a people we will never get any further than JLP and PNP, and this is why the police and others can do what they do knowing full well that the people will never have the fortitude to stand together against ADVERSITY.

Those of you whom are using this issue to tout partisan politics should be ashamed of yourselves, WHY? Because the police and the gun men could care LESS what party you belong to when they make the decision to treat you like garbage. The rest of the world will hear this story and cry shame, and they will not see JLP or PNP, they will see JAMAICANS so ignorant that they have no concept of what togetherness means.

Many of us tout our party preference  much more than how we are willing to stand and say we are JAMAICANS. It is a sad situation, but lest we forget,  bare in mind the fact that Mario was NOT the FIRST, and unless things CHANGE, and change DRASTICALLY, he will NOT be the LAST, so pray and hope that the next VICTIM will not be YOURSELF, or anyone CLOSE to you, that will bring you to the point of feeling that kind of PAIN and ANGER.

The issue of the TWO MEN that the police charged with the beating of Mario Deane, which ultimately caused his death, should not be lost in SILENCE, when a man that is DEAF and a man of UNSOUND MIND are being charged with this crime, questions need to be asked.

A. Are there procedures in our jails and prisons to deal with the MENTALLY CHALLENGED and the DISABLED?

B. Why would the police place a CITIZEN being charged for a SPLIFF in a cell with a DEAF MAN, and one that is CRAZY?

C. So did the DEAF man tell the CRAZY man to beat him or did the CRAZY man tell the DEAF man to beat him?


D. And where did they get weapons from while in the custody of the STATE?

Clearly the police seems to think that many of us were born in the middle of the night and were accidentally dropped on our heads the minute we came out, if they really expect us to believe that these two men are guilty of this crime.

If ever there was a cause for HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS to give a VOICE, this one would be it. From the blatant disregard for the LIVES OF CITIZENS, to using the mentally challenged and the disbaled as scapegoats, how much lower can they really sink?

I hope these TWO MEN will not stand alone in this FARCE of what is perceived to be JUSTICE.

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