The extreme dangers faced by fishermen – Jamaican fishermen share (Video)

It is considered one of the most dangerous occupations in the world.

Fisherman face many perils whenever they venture out into the deep blue to catch fish.

It is no wonder why sea food is so expensive when you really think about it.

The nature of a  fisherman’s job often times requires him to sail hundreds of miles away from shore, and sometimes for weeks at a time.


Staying in cramped conditions and working tedious hours are the norm for many of these sailors of the sea.

Jamaican fishermen talk about dangerous sea Seatime FishamanThe risk of drowning is only one of a slew of frightening thoughts these brave men (and women) have to bear in mind whenever they set sail.

In the short film below, Jamaican fishermen divulge some of their most terrifying experiences while sharing what life is like on the high seas.

Shot on location at Forum Fishing village, St. Catherine Jamaica.

GB FILMS: [email protected]

‘Seatime Fishaman’ Mini-Documentary (2013) from Gabrielle Blackwood on Vimeo.

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